Air 1 Heating Now Carrying Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products

Air 1 Heating has chosen Mitsubishi Electric’s Mr. Slim split-ductless cooling and heating systems to add to their product line for Commercial and Residential customer installations and service.

Bonney Lake, WA, March 13, 2009 --( Air 1 Heating, Inc., a full-service heating and air conditioning company located in the Seattle, Tacoma region, has added Mitsubishi Electric’s HVAC Advanced Products to its line of high-quality heat pump and air conditioner products.

Split-ductless air conditioner and heat pump products offer wide versatility in solving cooling and heating requirements. Air 1 Heating had desired to add a split-ductless HVAC system to its line of products for some time. Mitsubishi Electric was chosen for multiple reasons. They are an industry leader in split-ductless air conditioning technology, with innovations that have defined cutting-edge technology for over 28 years. Their Mr. Slim® brand’s performance is quiet, easy-to-use, and energy-efficient.

Split-ductless systems are becoming more and more popular for three major reasons: space, sound and energy.

Space – A ductless system can be designed to cool several rooms, mimicking the sophisticated zone control of modern central air, without building in the bulk of a standard room unit. Plus, to install a ductless system, it does not need to have walls and ceilings torn up. This is especially important when Air 1 Heating is renovating older buildings – even those with plaster walls and brick facades that were constructed before air conditioning was available. Instead of ductwork, Mr. Slim Systems only require a small, three-inch opening for two refrigerant lines and control and power wiring to connect the indoor unit (the evaporator) and outdoor unit (the condenser). This feature allows Air 1 Heating to perform quicker installations, less mess, and provide a better-looking and more comfortable space.

Sound – Split ductless systems operate very quietly. In some cases Mr. Slim’s indoor unit is running at only 26 dB(A). A police siren, for example, has a sound level of 118 decibels; a circular saw produces 107 decibels of sound. A vacuum cleaner in the home creates 74 decibels of noise. Even a library environment is at 33 decibels, while a whisper-tone voice produces 35 decibels. The split-ductless system is designed for the outdoor unit to be located outside. The condenser is where the noise typically takes place, due to the compressor. With Mr. Slim, the outdoor units are quiet enough that they can even be placed underneath a window. This low noise level is accomplished partly because the compressor is isolated from the other parts of the unit and is cushioned very well to guard against vibration.

Energy – Saving money on monthly electricity bills is very important to homeowners. Ductless provides a true zoning solution and it is common practice to air condition only the spaces being occupied rather than an entire house regardless of occupancy. Additionally, because the indoor unit is located in the space there is no “duct-loss” as with central systems. Duct-loss means that energy is lost as air is forced through ductwork.

In addition to the Mr. Slim products, Air 1 Heating has also added Mitsubishi Electric’s CITY MULTI® product line for larger cooling and heating requirements. CITY MULTI offers the ultimate in freedom and flexibility with the ability to cool in one zone while heating in another.

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