Sprezzatura Clothing Collective Presents The SC2 Project

The SC2 Project is a seasonal Art, Fashion, & Music Showcase.

New York, NY, March 13, 2009 --(PR.com)-- This is the event to attend, and participate in. The SC2 Project will showcase upcoming talents. Independent artists and young entrepreneurs will be using this event to network, and make industry contacts. Independent fashion designers will design clothing worn by independent musicians, while they perform they will be modeling. From accessories, to t-shirts, to jeans, watches, hats, and custom painted sneakers, you name it, if it has talent it'll be there. This is the official announcement about the Spring/Summer Showcase. The SC2 Project is a lifestyle, a community, and a movement brought to you by Sprezzatura Clothing Collective, that fosters creativity, and activism. It is a movement spawned by a general love for the arts, music, fashion, and the influences of today's political climate. Get involved, Get Branded.

Sprezzatura Clothing Collective
Kim Dallas
effortlessgrace@live.com, sc2project.ning.com