Sublime Bliss, a Healthy Concept Company, Recently Added Specialized Nutrition Counseling for Seniors to Its List of Services

The average American, including a large percentage of the senior population, is overweight, with many characterized as chronically obese. This excess weight is often centered around the waistline, and causes health dangers such as dementia, stroke and cancer. Sublime Bliss, a healthy concept company, offers specialized nutrition counseling to seniors to help battle this grave problem that has been linked to the deadly diseases of dementia, heart disease, strokes and cancer.

Los Angeles, CA, March 13, 2009 --( The average American is battling a “few” extra pounds. Stress is one of the primary factors leading to the current obesity epidemic. Much of the excess fat is centered around the waistline, due to overworked adrenals. Adrenals are the small glands located above one’s kidneys and they are responsible for releasing cortisol into the system as a reaction to stress. Cortisol stimulates the release of glucose for a boost of energy to help alleviate the immediate emergency when a person is under stress. These issues can be avoided by lifestyle choices.

“Avoiding pro-inflammatory high glycemic load foods, avoiding processed foods, supplementing your diet with anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids and engaging in regular physical exercise are but a few of the methods available to maintain a healthy body weight,” stated Karen Waters, CEO of Sublime Bliss.

Scientists indicate that if the glucose (blood sugar) is not used by muscles during the stress crisis it triggers the release of insulin to encourage the cells to absorb the excess. Whatever is not absorbed gets converted into Fat. When the fat accumulates in the belly it is extremely dangerous. Scientists are discovering that the extra fat is so dangerous because is a precursor to a number of diseases that are life threatening. The excess fat places one at increased risk for cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and dementia.

Abdominal obesity is also characteristic of what is known as ‘metabolic syndrome’ or pre-diabetes. This syndrome leads to insulin resistance, a chronic inflammatory condition. This chronic inflammatory condition contributes to the inability to lose weight and the tendency to regain previously lost weight. It has dire consequences on the human body, as they both place one at increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke and dementia.

Sublime Bliss’ staff has extensive experience helping people manage the complications associated with being overweight. For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, and help with battling the chronic inflammatory conditions that keep you fat, contact Karen Waters or visit Sublime Bliss is a healthy lifestyle concept company that offers nutrition counseling, weight loss management and fitness training. Sublime Bliss also features a line of natural and organic anti-aging skincare products.

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