Book Author Self Publishes Answer to Poverty

George R. Grant presents ways to confront global poverty in ‘Tackling the Poverty of Nations: Why So Many Are Poor and What We Can Do About It’ published by Xlibris Corporation.

Philadelphia, PA, March 13, 2009 --( George R. Grant presents economic measures to combat poverty in his self-published book ‘Tackling the Poverty of Nations: Why So Many Are Poor and What We Can Do About It’.

The book author explains that a combination of reverse mercantilism, parallel commodity money, income and land redistribution and rural development initiate reduction in the poverty of nations especially in developing countries.

The self-published book is partly autobiographical and partly theoretical. It is an account of the Grant’s experience at the Adams Mission Station in South Africa.

“I was taken aback by the surrounding poverty and resolved to do something about it,” Grant said.

He explains that ‘reverse mercantilism’ happens when nothing could be done at the agricultural end and rural residents temporarily migrate to large cities to bring back money.

The book author also explains ‘parallel commodity money’ as the creation of jobs while avoiding inflation in overcrowded and heavily unemployed cities.

Grant highlights that the migration of rural residents to and their employment in large cities must be coupled with development efforts in the rural areas. Farms must be cultivated and diversified, rural stations must be enhanced to create rural settlement and exports must be promoted to bring money back to these areas.

George R. Grant adds that a necessary parallel measure to combat poverty of nations is the creation of jobs without runway inflation and deflationary crashes that can cause poverty on a large scale despite all economic measures already mentioned.

‘Tackling the Poverty of Nations: Why So Many Are Poor and What We Can Do About It’ is published by Xlibris Corporation.

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