The 2 Marketing Steps Women's Basketball Team Managers Should Do in a Free E-book

The popularity of women's basketball can be raised to the next level by applying proper marketing strategy and using web 2.0 tools to execute it.

Kaunas, Lithuania, March 12, 2009 --( Just before EuroLeague Women All-Star Game which has taken place on 8th March in Paris, the new e-book “The 2 Marketing steps Every Women's Basketball Team Should Make” has been released. The authors of the e-book Linas Simonis and Valentinas Navikauskas say that the purpose of this e-book is to show to club's and national team managers the missed opportunities in promotion of women's basketball and to prompt to action to exploit them.

The unique e-book consists of two parts: the first one is about how to increase the visual appeal of women’s basketball, and the second one – about how to find the wining marketing strategy and how to execute it using web 2.0 tools.

The professional of women's basketball and the author of the first part of the e-book Valentinas Navikauskas says, that “women's basketball will never excel men's basketball by the speed, power, slam-drunks, but it can buy the spectators and sponsors by elegance, femininity an specific spirit of game. So it's the time to change all visual appeal of women's basketball".

“Women's basketball is not men's basketball. And never will be. We must admit that even it for someone it seems unfair. At the same time it can be an advantage, just need to know how to use it. Women's basketball first of all should have a right marketing strategy and every team should execute it by exploiting the opportunities of web 2.0”, – says a marketing strategy in the web 2.0 age consultant, and the author of the second part of e-book – Linas Simonis.

Linas Simonis and Valentinas Navikauskas have been working together in basketball marketing since 2005. The authors are both the professionals in their fields: Linas Simonis has 17 years experience in marketing strategy and is a member of Business Week Social Media Experts group, Valentinas has 25 years experience in textiles and is the expert in women's basketball sportswear.

The free e-book “The 2 Marketing steps Every Women's Basketball Team Should Make” can be found and downloaded at or using this link “The 2 Marketing steps Every Women's Basketball Team Should Make” .

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