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CrossFeed News offers an alternative for those interested in religious news.

Manchester, IA, July 17, 2006 --( Information overload. The internet is saturated with information, but finding the wheat amidst the chaff can prove a daunting task.

Enter social news sites.

They began among the geeks and mainly focused on tech news:,, and others. But even as branches out into new topic areas, other sites pick up the social news ball and run in their own direction, covering topics of interest to niches large and small.

One such site, CrossFeed Religious News, presents a social religious news service with added commentary in the form of a podcast. This free service offers a community to stay in touch with the important religious news stories by allowing users to submit links to news they consider noteworthy, as well as commenting on stories and voting on the most interesting ones. The site also offers an RSS feed so churches and others interested can feature the news on their websites, and fans of the site may add the feed to their aggregators to keep up with the latest in religious news from many different sites and many religions all over the world.

Each week, the most interesting stories will be featured on the CrossFeed Religious News Podcast with commentary by LCMS Pastors Dale Critchley in rural Iowa & Jim Butler near Boston. Although they are both conservative Lutherans, they discuss news of interest to the site's visitors and offer their unique insights on each week's top stories. This is currently the only religious news weekly podcast alternative to NPR Religion and Ethics Newsweekly. The site and podcast have been running for two months and are quickly growing in popularity as listeners discover this unique alternative.

"We're excited to offer this service," says Pastor Dale Critchley, webmaster and cohost, "Unlike many sites like it, the goal isn't financial. We have ads, but any proceeds will be used to improve the site. We just want to provide a community for those interested in religious news, and in the coming months, we hope to add new features like free blogs, forums, and more." Each podcast runs about an hour and features not only the news, but listener feedback and topical editorials relating to the week's stories.

For more information, users can visit or look for CrossFeed Religious News in most podcast directories.


About CrossFeed Religious News: LCMS Pastors' Resources ( has been providing resources for Lutheran and other Christian Pastors and churches through a community submission system since 2000 and has recently expanded to provide resources of interest to a broader audience through a variety of interactive services while remaining true to their Lutheran roots.

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