"Money On Demand Part 3" a Free Teleseminar Series to Discuss Communicating with Your List

This is a free online class hosted by Mynders Glover and Deb LaQua of Business Building Shortcuts.

Durango, CO, March 14, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Part 3 of the series "Money on Demand" to be offered Wednesday, March 18, 6pm EST. This is a free online class hosted by Mynders Glover and Deb LaQua of Business Building Shortcuts.

Part 1 of this series introduced the 5C's of Autoresponders and Email Management, with emphasis on the first "C"...Capturing names (collecting opt-ins).

Part 2 taught about creating an initial relationship with your new community
(list) and building that relationship. Mynders and Deb introduced steps 2 (Communicating with your List) and 3 (Community-Building).

This final session, Part 3, is entitled "Integrating Your List Management, Sales & Digital Product Delivery Systems". In this teleseminar, Mynders and Deb, will complete the loop, covering steps 4, Conversion Strategies (turning prospects into buyers), and 5 - Continuity and Continuance (maintaining the customer relationship for the long-term).

Participants of this call will learn all kinds of useful information to put to productive use, including:

* Why you must segment your list into prospect and buyer categories.
* 6 secret techniques the gurus use to leverage their results with autoresponders.
* How you can automate 100% of the essential components of the sales process.
* ....And lots more.

Immediate access to the teleseminar call-in and webcast information can be found at http://businessbuildingshortcuts.com/MoneyonDemand.htm

Participants will also receive:
* Action Guides for each session (available for download a few days before each teleseminar).
* A template for a squeeze page that you can modify and use immediately.
* A template for an opt-in box that they can copy and paste and use immediately.
* Short 'how to' videos explaining and demonstrating each step in creating an Autoresponder and an optin box.
* A video showing how to put on optin box into any squeeze page.

Mynders Glover and Debra LaQua are co-founders of Business Building Shortcuts, an Internet business which focuses on helping emerging marketers put the basic building blocks into place to develop their online business, combined with the right actions to actually build their businesses.

Mynders and Deb work with those who want to avoid the confusion, frustration and time-intensity of learning a new technology or business building system, and instead, focus simply on the core of what is needed to get fast results.

About Mynders Glover
Mynders has an MBA, and has been an entrepreneur almost his entire business career. After working at a job only long enough to qualify for his CPA, he went off on his own. He has created successful businesses in real estate and real estate development, nutritional products, seminars and consulting, corporate training, and in direct mail. He started a Management Consulting and Training company with a national clientele; and, as a public speaker, is a past member of the National Speakers Association

About Deb LaQua
True to her lifelong thirst for knowledge, Deb obtained her Ph.D in Educational Psychology as well as an M.S. in Educational Psychology. She brings a strong understanding of how people learn new skills, and applies this understanding to teaching others about using online & offline technologies. In her role as Professional Development Coordinator, she teaches educators about using online technology to support student learning through teleseminars, front of the room presentations, webinars, videos and audios.


Interviews may be scheduled with Mynders and Deb at (970) 749-2048.
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