TextGuard Offers 3 Plans for Mobile Users to Monitor, Archive, Block Text Messages, Emails and Calls

TextGuard - the only carrier agnostic Mobile Security Application today for Text archiving capabilities, SMS monitoring, SMS spam filtering, and remote device control - now offers 3 different plans to help Enterprises, Businesses and Individuals.

New York, NY, March 14, 2009 --(PR.com)-- TextGuard™ -- the only carrier agnostic Security Mobile Communication Device Application on the market today, for Text archiving, SMS monitoring, SMS spam filtering, and remote device control -- now offers 3 different plans to help Enterprises, Businesses and Individuals to use the cutting edge mobile phone utility to monitor and archive text messages, monitor and block calls, block spam text messages and remotely control the mobile device.

TextGuard now offers 3 different plans to suit various customer needs: Enterprise Edition, Business Edition and Family Edition.

Enterprise Edition – Best for corporate users who have several different mobile devices at the same time. The Enterprise Edition starts at $259.95 per month, supports 50 or more Mobile Devices and provides 250Mb of storage space. It is great value for companies that need to protect and archive all their company information.

Business Edition – Suitable for professionals and businessmen looking for a solution to backup all their mobile phone activities on a secure server to protect proprietary information should the mobile device be lost or stolen. This plan is priced at just $29.95 per month and provides 25Mb of storage space online to archive the SMS text messages.

Family Edition – Ideal for parents to monitor the text messages being sent to and from their child’s phone. This single user edition can also be used solely as a backup and archiving solution for an individual. This plan is available for $5.95 per month and supports 10Mb of storage space online, and allows you to secure you and your family remotely by monitoring their text messages, no matter where they are located.

Todd Michael Cohan, CEO explains that with every edition, users have the option to upgrade to a larger storage capacity if they require more space on the TextGuard Secure Server. Users pay a nominal monthly fee to continue using the mobile phone utility.

For more information about TextGuard and its text message security and monitoring features, visit the website at www.textguard.com(http://www.textguard.com) and register online for a 30 day free trial of the service.

About TextGuard

TextGuard™ is a Mobile Device application which provides control and security for the data and the device. TextGuard is a third party mobile phone utility designed to meet the needs of mobile users to track and monitor text messages(http://www.textguard.com), telephone calls, emails and web browsing. It can be downloaded from the website at www.textguard.com (http://www.textguard.com) and installed directly onto a Blackberry or Smartphone, supporting Windows Mobile operating systems, (Android and Symbian to be released Spring on 2009).

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