Full Service Online Marketing Releases New eBbook: Online Selling Domination

For far too long the internet marketing community has 'locked-out' the small business owners. The costs of search engine optimization (SEO), website creation, lead conversion and overall traffic generation techniques have been too high, especially separately, to allow small business owners to get in on the action. But now a solution is available of unprecedented affordability, and results, which are quick to manifest from initial implementation to “Online Selling Domination.”

Saint Petersburg, FL, March 16, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Full Service Online Marketing has evolved from a successful online real estate selling company and is currently providing the knowledge that many have desired in order to achieve the business results they need. No longer is it necessary to be left behind in the realm of internet marketing because of the lack of knowledge and lack of funding. Money may be tight, but the release of Online Selling Domination gives all online businesses and merchants the right to succeed in the traffic “generation”.

Before, an effective website could only be created by web design specialist. Even then one would pay hundreds, or even thousands, for an “ineffective website”. Even though it may have looked appealing, and even ‘entertained’ some visitors, the inability to create “conversion” made the website virtually worthless. This is the initial and vital step that Online Selling Domination provides for you: the blueprint for a search engine friendly, user friendly, and visitor friendly website that actually converts ‘traffic’ into ‘leads’.

As many may already be wondering, “What is the cost for such a website?’ Well, way less than one would expect. Online Selling Domination shows how to set up a website in just a couple of hours and is selling for just $47.(This is just one of many topics covered in the book.)

The arrival of this eBook could not have been more well-timed; when the need for online business success is at an all time “Necessity”. More than ever the desire for starting and/or succeeding with the low-cost approach to entreupreneurship of online businesses Online Selling Domination provides the essential ingredients for success.

Search engine optimization and online traffic generation are paramount to an online business. ‘Organic’ search engine results and free traffic are essential to the small business owner or start-up company. You will find all the tools and secrets to accomplish both of these in this previously unavailable eBook; complete with specific websites to utilize and all the resources that you need.

Topics covered include everything from setting up a website, to effectively turning traffic into leads, to driving that traffic to the website. Many topics are covered with exact action steps to follow that mimic an already successful system. Anyone can take advantage of the simple, but powerful, SEO, Web 2.0, social marketing and video marketing strategies.

The creators of this plan lay out each step for the business owner to create free website traffic and to generate targeted leads. There are some small costs for hosting the website and maintaining the lead capture and management system, but are by no means necessary to get more visitors to the website or to make more sales. In fact, one may already have these parts in place, but can probably save even more money by using the services recommended in Online Selling Domination. Every technique in this eBook is free to use and every resource that is needed is provided for free as well.

As is their mission Full Service Online Marketing is providing the small businesses and small marketing budgets of the internet every opportunity to compete in the online marketplace. Your investment for this valuable information, including the many free resources is astonishingly low at only $47. A complete step by step book like this is one of a kind and will easily save each ambitious business owner thousands in wasted expenses! Find the new Online Selling Domination e-Book at www.OnlineSellingDomination.com.

Full Service Online Marketing is dedicated to providing small business owners the affordable tools and services that will allow them to prosper and eclipse their pre-conceived notions of what “online success” in business really is. Online marketing success is just a click away: www.FullServiceOnlineMarketing.com.

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Shawn Hutchison