Blake Mantle and the War for New Creatia is Released by Author A. J. Nolan, Published by Dog Ear Publishing

Indianapolis, IN, July 28, 2009 --( Blake Mantle and the War for New Creatia is a new fantasy book written by author A.J. Nolan. The book follows Blake Mantle, a young Hawaiian man, who gets forced by his very first client to make a dangerous airplane delivery to the neighboring island Maui during a dangerous tropical storm. As his plane crashes down on top of Mt. Kilauea Volcano, Blake is somehow sucked safely deep into the heart of the volcano. There he discovers two cities that have been hidden from the surface world for decades that are currently at war with each other.

In this underground world of Paradise, the weapons of choice are 13 unique jet packs that allow its user the ability to form Battle Armor over his entire body directly from the pack itself; whether Spartan, Roman, Ninja or Samurai. Here is where Blake accidentally discovers a uniquely powerful armor that allows his very body to form into a weapon that has such power it has been sought after by both sides for several years. As Blake is befriended by the good city New Creatia, he is relentlessly hunted by the evil city's inhabitants who are desperate to get Blake's new armor for their own sick twisted king, Essex.

Battle armors collide as Blake seeks to protect himself underground while making his way back to the surface, not only to escape this nightmare but also to save his girlfriend Erika who is in great danger. Unfortunately for Blake, he is attacked above ground just as he is united with his girlfriend Erika. This attack forces him to return to New Creatia to confront this relentless enemy Essex once and for all.

Blake Mantle and the War for New Creatia will keep your interest throughout, from the opening battle sequence underground until the final confrontation between the two main characters.

A.J. Nolan was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He has traveled the world to such spots as France, Mexico, Bahamas, Florida and California. But to him, Hawaii has always been his favorite destination. This is one reason why Blake Mantle and the War for New Creatia is centered there. He has spent a lifetime reading, collecting and enjoying all sorts of comic book genre. He has a keen understanding or how superheros work and how they can truly affect a child's imagination. His own imagination has always remained an important part of his life, something that has truly allowed Blake Mantle to shine through.

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Blake Mantel and The War for New Creatia
A. J. Nolan
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN:1-59858-769-2; 164 pages; $12.95 US

Available direct from Dog Ear Publishing, or through Ingram, Baker&Taylor,, Barnes&Noble, Borders and fine bookstores everywhere.
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