Where Has All the Fun Gone? Dujour Magazine Paves the Way for New Trends in Fashion Magazines.

New York, NY, March 16, 2009 --(PR.com)-- New magazines pop up each year. Those publishers who find themselves with the thousands of dollars it takes to print copies in ever country but opt for celebrity obsessed, conglomerate driven content or those independent publishers who wear the indie title, yet lack the devotion to uncovering truly emerging talent, are devoiding the group of readers yearning for something inspirational, fun, and that doesn't take fashion too seriously. Dujour Magazine is proud to fill that niche with its recent re-launch during New York Fashion Week FW09 as an independent, eco-friendly online & print publication. The magazine's bi-monthly, themed, print-on-demand limited editions will cover up-and-coming brands from around the world whose process and product meet the standards of the magazine's editorial staff and readers, while the Dujour website will provide subscribers daily content ranging from runway trends from hard-to-find indie shows and how-to videos on beauty looks you'll want on your own lovely face. Dujour Magazine believes in supporting independent retailers and businesses as well as designers. Each print issue launch will be celebrated with fun events like art installations for this month's Art Issue, or clothing swaps for the upcoming Vintage Issue, all located in selected New York City independent boutiques, art galleries or other creative spaces, providing the reader with a chance to meet the Dujour team and get up close and personal with designers and other fashion-loving readers. Not to mention the magazine's advertising itself is and will always be in tune with the content and mission statement.

Dujour's content is uncompromising. They don't rant, but they do keep it real. Readers will devour the View From The Fourth Row column penned by the editor-in-chief, as well as the Things We Love section curated by everyone from artists to musicians. The magazine's slogan, 'Fashion With Sprinkles On Top' sums up the editorials perfectly. Each issue is busting at the seams with fresh, doll-faced models in editorials that feature light and feminine moods with an edgy attitude and a great mix of high-low fashion. The articles themselves are in-depth and informative with a taste of humor, attracting those that once upon a time use to buy magazines for actual reading pleasure. However, by providing an image-heavy, visually stimulating platform, readers will find content that doesn't expire, but inspires, in a time when everything can be found already on the Internet.

Dujour Magazine is also the first fashion publication to offer an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to the harmful industry that is printing. Their print-on-demand feature guarantees that the excess in waste of unsold copies as well as the tons of fuel used to ship these bundles across the globe, will worry us no more. Each individual copy is printed and shipped only when a reader orders one, arriving at their front door in a jiffy. The magazine can also be found online, in a digital flash format with a page-turning effect, for those who love their cyberspace. Added features include the ability to click on links of brands and advertisers, as well as video and audio clips, because who doesn't want to listen the the hot new Myspace band they are reading about at that very moment? In addition to Dujourmag.com, the magazine has also increased its presence in the rapidly growing online social media world with profiles and pages on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace so that the magazine and readers can all interact in a web of fashiony fun.

Dujour Magazine was founded by Letitia Burrell, an up-and-coming media entrepreneur who also serves as the editor-in-chief, publisher and creative director. Unimpressed by most redundant newsstand offerings, Letitia was eager to create a new publication more relevant to consumers like herself- those inspired by high-end fashion packaged with more attainable collections by designers she knew was out there, just couldn't find out about. It was also important to her that a fresh, new concept like Dujour originate from America, to stand alongside the already fantastic indie titles hailing from London, Australia and Paris.

For more information on Dujour Magazine, visit: www.dujourmag.com


Shallom Johnson
PR & Marketing Director, Dujour Magazine

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Letitia Burrell