Who Needs Dave Chappelle? Noah Sife to the Rescue.

Noah Sife is taking the country by storm with his podcast show The Adventures of Noah Sife. The show is gaining national attention and turning the young actor into a superstar.

Los Angeles, CA, July 14, 2006 --(PR.com)-- The internet phenomenom The Adventures of Noah Sife is taking the world by storm. It tracks one actor's quest for mainstream success in hollywood. The show is shot in Los Angeles, CA the entertainment capital of the world. It leads the growing phenomenom of internet based shows and rides on the popularitry of internet sites such as: You Tube and Itunes. These websites provide regular people with a way to broadcast themselves and be seen by millions of people. The most popular broadcasts on these sites are people exposing themselves and doing things with shock value.

The Adventures of Noah Sife takes it one step further and broadcasts real professionally made episodes with scripted material and real trained actors. The show releases new episodes bi-monthly and is currently filming new episodes every week.

The star of the show is a talented young man by the name of Noah Sife. He is a mix between Chris Tucker, Nick Cannon, and Larenze Tate. Noah Sife is from Grand Rapids, MI and moved to hollywood three years ago, to pursue a career in acting and has appeared in You Got Served, Honey, From 13 going on 30, The Shield, ER, Strong Medicine, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. But he is just now getting much deserved national attention from the show. When asked about his new found fame Noah Sife statesm, "It's a dream come true, I'm doing something that I love and I'm happy everybody is enjoying it." The Adventures of Noah Sife is a vital representation of the entertainment business because it proves everybody doesn't have to take the same route to achieve success in Hollywood. The show documents the struggle, the strive and the determination of one person forcing himself into one of the most competitive industries in America. The show plans on continuing it's success by launching a nationwide advertising campaign including commercials, billboards, and a 6 city tour. Check out the show at these sites.


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