Universal Wrecking Corp. Completes Demolition of Facility in Virginia

Brick, NJ, March 17, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Universal Wrecking Corp., a premier demolition, scrap metal recycling and wrecking contractor that operates on a nationwide basis, completed the demolition of a large facility in Virginia.

The goal of the demolition project was to demolish the buildings and structures on the site in a safe and controlled manner. Special attention was given to environmental hazards which consisted of chemical contamination. All demolition crews worked in Level C PPE during all phases of demolition.

Prior to demolition activities, an environmental survey was conducted along with a review of the client’s existing documentation on Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) and other possible hazardous materials. ACM had been abated by the client prior to their mobilization and no additional ACM was found. The other environmental concerns were oils and greases contained in the equipment and gearboxes. These oils and greases were properly drained and containerized for offsite recycling at an approved facility. As stated previously, previous use of the facility mandated that all works were in Level C PPE.

UWC also needed to confirm that all the site utilities were deactivated. Water, gas, sewer, electric, phone, cable, etc. were all confirmed to be cut, capped and de-energized.

The demolition work was conducted in distinct phases. Phase I consisted of the preparation of the buildings which included gut out and cutting of beams. This work structurally weakened the building for the intended implosion of the building. Phase II consisted of the strategic placement of charges for the implosion of the building. For Phase III, the implosion of building was completed in a safe and efficient manner. The final phase included the cleanup of building steel and debris.

To perform the demolition successfully, UWC utilized the following heavy equipment:
• A Cat 330L Excavator with a hydraulic hammer attachment
• A Cat 330 Excavator with LaBounty Grapple attachment
• A Cat 350 Excavator with LaBounty MSD 100 Shear attachment
• A 110 hydraulic crane
• Bobcat 773 Skid Steer with demo grapple
• Bobcat 773 Skid Steer with hammer attachment
• Various support equipment

In addition, a total of eight (8) employees consisting of operators and laborers were utilized.

The project was completed in 1 month without incident or injury.

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