UK Musician in Talks to Have Music ‘Sent to the Future’

UK Musician Clyde has been approached by The European Space Agency to have his music included in an experimental project on a par with The Hadron Collider which will attempt to transmit music into the future by broadcasting radio waves at precise frequencies over set orbital trajectories from a forthcoming satellite launch mission this April.

Derby, United Kingdom, March 18, 2009 --( Clyde, a.k.a Clive Astin, found himself in dialogue with The European Space Agency after it was given the go ahead to source musical content deemed suitable for the project. Stringent criteria required that all purported content be of a futuristic feel and conform to scientific projections of how music may sound within 5 years, based on referencing the historic development of music over the past 50 years.

The music in question is his forthcoming single, ‘Read My Mind featuring Jane Hamilton’, which includes remixing from the particularly innovative and forward thinking ‘Hearin’ Aid’. This, along with four more pieces of work from other composers, will be included in the project.

“Although they have explained to me time and time again, I cannot totally fathom the precise scientific details behind this project, but a team of scientists from the same team will be receiving the broadcasted signal 5 years in the future, in front of a large lecture theatre in Switzerland, not far from the main site of the Hadron Collider, also an equal source of controversy and public apprehension” explained Astin.

Producing music since the age of 9, Astin evolved his sound from guitar bands, through to computer based production and the current cross-medium productions that he releases through record label M8MC. Should this project live up to its expectations, Astin and the other artists will embark on groundbreaking legal consultation to ascertain how this phenomenon affects the legal ownership, performance rights and security of their copyrighted materials, something that the European Space Agency has agreed to contribute towards.


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