Maybe.For.You to Deliver New Online Experience for Sports Matchmaker

Maybe.For.You is designing the third version of that will allow users to connect with sports and hobby enthusiasts from anywhere in the world.

Atlanta, GA, March 18, 2009 --( Atlanta based Maybe.For.You. announced they have formed a strategic alliance with Sports MatchMaker, the ultimate sports and activities social networking and matchmaking site, to help design and develop the new online experience for the next release of their core product.

The Atlanta based interactive agency is working directly with to tailor a unique service to meet the demands and requirements of today’s sophisticated online user. The new site will provide users with a fresh and interactive way to connect with other users, while strengthening the message through a branded interactive experience.

The Sports MatchMaker web site instantly connects people locally,or throughout the world while traveling. It allows users to search for specific matches that other members are requesting to play in any sport, activity, game, hobby or social events. Users are able to join these events with just one click of the mouse or a simple reply on a mobile phone. From setting up golf games for the traveling business community to connecting a group of baseball fans for the big game, makes it easier for active people to find the right matches for them.

“The Maybe.For.You team came highly recommended by members of our core development staff, who know very well how demanding our management can be. After farming a few jobs to Maybe, their professionalism and truly advanced skills compelled us to explore avenues for integrating their services with our core development team via strategic alliance,” says Ken Zirke, Co-Owner of “We worked out the arrangements and just could not be more satisfied with the harmonious integration and production.”

Using the latest web standards technologies, the Maybe.For.You team will create a one of a kind online experience for Sports MatchMaker’s users, allowing them to build profiles, matches, and teams, and to connect with others in a new, safe, and reliable environment.

“Sports MatchMaker is a great example of how social technologies are being used to help us connect with others. Where Sports MatchMaker really excels is getting people out from behind their computers and actually meeting up in the real world,” comments Michael Hagel, Principal Owner and Creative Director at Maybe.For.You. “With version 3, we’re setting out to create an enjoyable user experience that will vastly improve the way we all stay fit, play, and meet people.”

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Andy Hallberg