Angels Lending Group Along with Bottom Line Media Unveil Complete Digital Signage Solution

Bountiful, UT, March 18, 2009 --( Angels Lending Group, a structured funding firm, in conjunction with Bottom Line Media, is offering a complete and total solution for businesses to use digital signs for point-of-sale marketing.

Digital technology is causing a shift in the advertising industry. Traditional fixed signs are limited to one single message at a time. Bottom Line Media is at the forefront of the future of advertising and digital signage technology. Steve Anderson, CEO and founder of Bottom Line Media, envisions a day when digital signs will replace most forms of in-store fixed signage.

Imagine walking into a store and learning about current store sales and then catching the weather and traffic reports. Streaming video has an immediate impact on consumers. “Over 70% of purchases occur at the point of sale. Studies show this new marketing concept causes people to purchase more products off the shelf, increasing sales a minimum of 3-5%,” Steve Anderson said.

The advantages of using digital signs do not end with advertising. Corporations can communicate through pre-recorded messages to their staffs. New employees can receive training through distance learning, allowing trainers to complete other tasks.

Angels Lending Group is proud to support Bottom Line Media as the company endeavors to become a global player through innovation and evolution of new technology solutions.

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