Angels Wealth Lenders Teams Up with John Mac Lochlainn to Open Paddy McGinty’s Fine Irish Pub in Milford, Ct

Residents of Milford, CT will soon get the choice to enjoy the authentic Irish atmosphere of Paddy McGinty’s. Paddy McGinty’s will serve traditional Irish cuisine and beverages. Paddy McGinty’s will be based on a successful Irish Pub Concept developed by Guiness Brewing Worldwide. - April 07, 2009

Angels Wealth Brokers Names Director Donna Vial to Head Up All Humanitarian Projects

Donna Vial has been helping those who need it since she was very young. Her prior volunteer experience makes her the best person to head up Angels Wealth Brokers humanitarian projects. Donna comes to Angels Wealth Brokers with an inborn passion for helping others. It all began as a child rescuing... - April 05, 2009

Jamie Stevenson Announced as Operations Manager Worldwide for Angels Wealth Brokers

Growing up in rural Utah helped develop Jamie Stevenson’s love for the environment. Jamie’s respect for green living and her exceptional operations management abilities made her the easy choice to be the Operations Manager for Angels Wealth Brokers. Whenever a client needs help with... - April 05, 2009

Angels Wealth Lenders Announces Future Development in Magdalena Bay, That Caters to Environmentally Conscious Traveler

Magdalena Bay, located on scenic Baja in Mexico, is a natural draw for tourists. CPS Developments hopes to break ground soon on the Club del Pacifico, a development with hotel, marina, housing, commercial complex, golf course, and an airport. The pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean are rarely as... - April 05, 2009

Chuck Withey, Director at Angels Wealth Brokers, Believes Helping Clients is the Number One Priority

Director Chuck Withey brings a solid background in commercial and personal lending to his post at Angels Wealth Lenders. Clients are Chuck’s number one priority. Having spent time working for a large national bank, Chuck has seen the good and the bad in the finance industry. He knows what... - April 05, 2009

Kirk Cotter Has Been Named as the New Director of Human Resources for Angels Wealth Lenders, a Structured Finance Firm with 7 Locations World

Kirk Cotter has been named as the new Director of Human Resources for Angels Wealth Lenders, a structured finance firm with 7 locations worldwide and expanding to more offices soon. Kirk has been with Angels Wealth Lenders since the beginning and this is just his latest “hat” to wear... - April 04, 2009

Angel Bischak of Angels Wealth Lenders Sees Bright New Future for Bundled Building Solutions, Inc.

Despite a downturn in the homebuilding industry, Bundled Builder Solutions, Inc. is seeking to expand its operations. Angels Wealth Lenders is working with this innovative construction services provider that has just the right plan to succeed. It is the right idea at the right time. The goal is to... - April 04, 2009

Chuck Withey and Angel Bischak of Angels Wealth Lenders Seek to Advance Electrical Infrastructure Through Cogeneration Power Plants

Angels Wealth Lenders is well known for supporting green energy projects. Chuck Withey and Angel Bischak are working to bring cogeneration power plants online to improve the global energy infrastructure and clean up the environment. Power plants must have a fuel source that turns the turbines that... - April 04, 2009

Bruce Dyson Named to Green Energy Team at Angels Wealth Brokers

Director Bruce Dyson has spent much of his career working in commercial finance. Angels Wealth Brokers is pleased to have him as a key player on the new team specializing in green energy projects. His experience and expertise will ensure that AWB clients receive nothing but the best in... - April 04, 2009

Angels Wealth Brokers’ David Romanowski Spearheads Drive for Green Energy Projects Worldwide

David Romanowski is a Director at Angels Wealth Brokers with a drive to bring green energy out of the imaginations of experts and into the economy. Angels Wealth Brokers is a structured funding company. David’s job is to assist people with commercial projects for new startups or expansion. - April 04, 2009

Angels Wealth Brokers’ Director Eric Harrison Loves Helping Businesses Reach Their Full Potential

Angels Wealth Brokers, an intermediary transaction specialist, had a chance to interview Eric Harrison, Director. Angels Wealth Brokers spoke with Director Eric Harrison about his thoughts on the economy and the credit crunch. Eric believes he impacts the organization with his desire to get the... - April 04, 2009

Angel Bischak Believes Avon Lee Condominiums Provide an Affordable Retirement Alternative to Senior in Perth, Ontario, Canada

As many senior citizens contemplate downsizing, Mark Lee seeks of HD Development seeks to provide them with an affordable, yet luxurious place to live with his new development of Avonlee Condominiums. - April 01, 2009

Angel Bischak Announces $10 Million Donation for Humanitarian Project

Angels Wealth Lenders received $10 million for humanitarian projects. This funding will allow a number of humanitarian endeavors to benefit from this act of kindness. The directors at Angels Wealth Lenders are constantly providing assistance for projects that benefit humanitarian and green energy... - March 30, 2009

Angel Bischak of Angels Wealth Lenders is Pleased to Help GS2 Engineering with Expansion Project in Atlanta, GA

Having been in the environmental and construction consulting business since 1998, GS2 is now working to open a new office in Atlanta, GA. - March 30, 2009

Angel Bischak of Angels Wealth Lenders Proceeds with Plans to Assist GS2 Engineering with Expansion to New Offices in Charleston, North Carolina

Angel Bischak, President of Angels Wealth Lenders, is teaming up to provide support for the expansion of GS2 Engineering to Charleston, SC. - March 30, 2009

Angel Bischak Announces GS2 Engineering Seeks Expansion to Four New Locations

GS2 Engineering & Environmental Consultants, Inc. began the process to obtain funding to open four new locations. - March 30, 2009

Angel Bischak Announces Potential GS2 Engineering Expansion Project to Jacksonville, FL

Environmental regulations are stringent and GS2 Engineering has been helping government and nongovernmental agencies navigate the regulations on projects for more than 10 years. They recently began planning to open new offices in Jacksonville, FL. - March 30, 2009

Angel Bischak of Angels Wealth Lenders is Assisting GS2 Engineering with Expansion Project in Raleigh, North Carolina

With plans to open a new office in Raleigh, the firm will bring new jobs to the area and provide consulting services for include preconstruction and construction consulting, environmental consulting, geotechnical studies, and ancillary services. - March 30, 2009

Angel Bischak Believes Bottom Line Media’s Digital Signage Solution Will Help the Environment

Angels Lending Group is assisting Bottom Line Media during the funding phase of their project to offer an alternative to traditional signs that will help eliminate waste of signs containing wood products. In addition, the ability of digital technology to allow video conferencing and training to... - March 29, 2009

Angel Bischak Sees E-learning Application for Kids with Special Needs Through Digital Signage Technology from Bottom Line Media

Angels Lending Group is working with Bottom Line Media as they seek to expand the use of digital technology to schools for e-learning. - March 29, 2009

Angel Bischak Announces That 50% of All Projects Supported at New Beverly Hills Office Will be for Green Energy or Humanitarian Initiatives

ALG's primary focus at this new location will be to support humanitarian business transactions that benefit both the local and international communities. - March 28, 2009

Angel Bischak Envisions Bold Green Energy Funding in London’s Mayfair Angels Lending Office

Angels Lending Group is a structured lending company searching for ways to impact the environment in a positive manner. Recently, the company opened offices in Mayfair, London, England where wealth, privilege, and business investment go hand in hand. Project funding has all but disappeared around... - March 21, 2009

Angel Bischak Forges Ahead with Humanitarian Project Funding in Mayfair District Office

Angels Lending Group, led by President and CEO Angel Bischak, has a mission to dedicate a minimum of 50% of its projects to green energy and humanitarian causes. In spite of the tight credit market, commercial business transactions are alive and well thanks in part to nontraditional lending sources... - March 21, 2009

Angel Bischak Expands Structured Lending Firm to Mayfair, United Kingdom

Angels Lending Group saw the opportunity to fund business transactions in Europe when traditional lenders began hoarding capital. The structured lending company has five offices open worldwide, the most recent of which was opened in the Mayfair District of London. Mayfair’s historic... - March 21, 2009

Angel Bischak Announces the Grand Opening of Angels Lending Group’s Beverly Hills, CA Office

Not far from the famous, if not infamous, Rodeo Drive, Angels Lending Group has set up offices at 110 Wilshire Boulevard as one of five locations for commercial lending purposes. Angels Lending Group is a structured lending institution dedicated to providing resources for business projects,... - March 20, 2009

Angel Bischak Announces New Angels Lending Group Location in Beverly Hills That Will Support Green Energy Projects

Angel Bischak, President and CEO of Angels Lending Group, continues implementation of a strategy to help green technologies move forward. The company’s new location on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills will play a crucial role in the success of this green energy initiative. Beverly Hills... - March 20, 2009

Angels Lending Group Along with Bottom Line Media Unveil Complete Digital Signage Solution

Angels Lending Group, a structured funding firm, in conjunction with Bottom Line Media, is offering a complete and total solution for businesses to use digital signs for point-of-sale marketing. Digital technology is causing a shift in the advertising industry. Traditional fixed signs are limited... - March 18, 2009

Angels Lending Group’s New Wall Street Office Focuses on Business Transaction Alternatives to Traditional Lending

Angels Lending Group with headquarters in Ohio and a newly opened office on Wall Street in New York City seeks to advance the increase of green energy solutions worldwide. The structured lending firm provides an alternative to traditional lending sources, which in recent months have become harder... - March 18, 2009

Angels Lending Wall Street Office Plans to Assist Companies Expanding Into Green Energy

Angels Lending Group hopes to bring Wall Street and environmental entrepreneurs together by supporting the funding of companies involved in green energy. - March 18, 2009

Angels Lending Group is Pleased to Announce the Grand Opening of Their New Lending Office on Wall Street

Seeing a need for structured finance alternatives due to the tightening of current commercial funding operations, Angels Lending Group has recently opened a new lending office on Wall Street in New York City. - March 18, 2009

Angels Lending Group Announces Development of the Avonlee Condominiums for Retirees

Angels Lending Group, a structured funding firm, announces for development of the Avonlee Condominiums project in picturesque Perth, Ontario Canada. Avonlee will be developed on a single site in the small town of Perth, a popular tourist destination. - March 13, 2009

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