unique medical id Drawing Attention with Custom Beaded Medical Id Bracelets

Diabetes in children and adults, allergies, autism and alzheimer's are common diagnosis today. A medical id is so important to provide your medical information in case of a medical emergency. If you or your child is unconscious or unable to speak, paramedic’s and physican’s need to know your medical history and allergies. Unique Medical ID custom designs medical id bracelets that as fashionable, functional and exchangeable for children and adults.

Camden, NC, March 19, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Food Allergies and Diabetes are some of the most common reasons children wear a medical id, but who wants to draw attention to themselves. Kids today look at what’s in style and parents look at what’s practical and affordable. Unique Medical Id offers both, medical id’s your children and teens will want to wear. Fun and stylish medical id’s and at affordable prices.

Karen James of North Carolina has taken the ugly medical id and has created custom design’s that are fun, stylish, simply yet elegant for your children. Wearing a medical id bracelet designed by karen will have your kids wanting to wear the medical id.

Each bracelet is custom designed by Karen and are made to fit your child. Unique Medical id carries stylish medical id jewelry for adults as will.

If you are shopping for medical id bracelets, medical id necklaces, dog tags, medical sports bands or any medical id jewelry take a look at what Unique Medical ID offers. Their customer service is excellent and will help with any questions or concerns you have. Prices range from $10.00 and up.

unique medical id
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