Recession Beating Strategy to Increase Visitors to Your Website – a Free Guide for Small Businesses

Operations Support have released their free guide – 7 Steps to Boost the Income From Your Website aimed at small business owners who want their website to generate them more income.

Cranleigh, United Kingdom, March 19, 2009 --( Sadly many small business websites don’t produce the results they could, simply because they are not regarded highly enough by a search engine when someone is looking for the product or service the website offers, or when people do see the website but it is slow or they are confused by the content or navigation and go to the next.

7 Steps to Boost the Income From Your Website takes the business owner through the vital steps required to take control of their website, research, implement and measure changes that will draw more people to the website and convert more visitors to customers.

If the aim of the website is to make a direct sale, have the website visitor make contact by email or telephone, or have them walk into a shop, implementing these tactics in a continual and scientific manner, will increase the revenue the website generates provided, of course, that the products and services the website promotes are desirable.

The guide gives the business owner a good grounding in the techniques involved in starting to promote a website so they can either instruct a web designer to make the changes, or, with a bit more research, make changes themselves using the information and tools available freely on the Internet. DIY website promotion is achievable provided the business owner has sufficient time to research, apply and monitor changes to his or her website.

The first step is to ensure there is a reliable method of measuring the visitors to a website and discover information about the visitor such as the website they came from and, if their visit is the result of a search, the keyword phrase they used. These website statistics are vital to measure the effect of changes made to the website as there is no point keeping a change if it has no or a negative effect.

One essential element of a successful website is to understand the terms people type in when searching for products and services.

Operations Support’s Nigel West, author of the guide said “Our research shows that people often use different words and phrases to those the website owner expects, which is one reason the website fails to attract much attention.”

The guide shows tools that help find the keyword phrases that people are using and how much competition there is so the business owner can identify popular phrases that don’t have so much competition that ranking well in the search engine results is nearly impossible.

7 Steps to Boost the Income From Your Website is available free of charge and without obligation from

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