The New TELL ME MORE® Premium Version Language Software is Released

To answer the growing demand for languages, Auralog is pleased to announce the release in July 2006 of the latest version of its cutting-edge TELL ME MORE® language software: TELL ME MORE® Premium Version.

Phoenix, AZ, July 15, 2006 --( The market for language products represents now more than $ 100 billion worldwide and the demand for languages has tremendously increased in the US. Indeed, more and more Americans are learning a new language, realizing it is important for both personal improvement, as well as business related reasons.

Auralog is pleased to announce the release in July 2006 of the latest version of its cutting-edge TELL ME MORE® language software: TELL ME MORE® Premium Version.

This latest TELL ME MORE® Premium Version incorporating the technical and pedagogical advancements that have established its success, now offers the most comprehensive language method available on the market. In addition to the four CD-ROMs that make up this newest multi-level pack, the software now includes an audio CD along with several previously unreleased tools.

Whatever your language objectives and level, from Complete Beginner to Advanced, TELL ME MORE® adapts to your needs, guiding you through the learning process just as a teacher would. This latest version of TELL ME MORE® is a truly interactive software package that evaluates your progress in real time, and then uses those results to suggest the activities that best match your needs. This innovation permits learners to work autonomously, while providing them with ongoing analysis of their results. The learner’s language program evolves in response to his or her progress. The program’s intelligence lies in its ability to personalize learning, thus allowing each learn to progress at his or her own pace.

This new version also provides users with supplementary language learning resources. In addition to an audio CD, a newly introduced tool now allows users to extract audio extracts from TELL ME MORE ® dialogues and videos, and burn them to audio CDs or convert them to use on your MP3 player. Learners can now continue their language learning in their cars, homes or offices, without restrictions of time and place.

TELL ME MORE® facilitates learning with a user-friendly interface and continues to offer the technological innovations and unmatched wealth of content which have made this method so successful. Each package consists of 850 hours of content (950 for Spanish), with 4,500 exercises divided into 37 different kinds of activities. The method covers all the skills necessary to learn a language (listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar) and offers three lesson modes including the Dynamic Mode, a mode that adapts each activity to the user’s progress and language objectives.

TELL ME MORE®, recognized in the U.S. and around the world as the global leader in language software, most recently received the Top Ten Reviews 2006 Gold Award and Brandon Hall’s Silver Medal.

TELL ME MORE® currently has more than 5 million satisfied users around the world. The TELL ME MORE® method has also been adopted by more than 10,000 academic institutions and 300 companies throughout the world.

TELL ME MORE® Premium Version is available at our online store at for Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, and Dutch. TELL ME MORE® is also available for Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.


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