USA SEO Pros Announces Global Expansion

Las Vegas, NV, March 19, 2009 --( Internet advertising company USA SEO Pros is expanding its business operations on a global scale. The Las Vegas-based company has worked extensively with clients throughout the United States, but will now begin offering its search engine optimization services to companies in Switzerland, South Africa, Singapore and other countries around the world.

Steve Howe, the operations manager for USASEOPros, said the expansion will open up entirely new business niches for the company.

“We’ve already enjoyed a vast amount of success with American business owners, and now we’re going to extend our reach to businesses from all over,” Howe said. “I’m excited to see what our clients in Romania, Finland and the Philippines will bring to the table.”

USA SEO Pros has managed to avoid much of the downturn that has plagued Las Vegas. The economy relies significantly on tourism and the gambling and entertainment money that comes with it. Howe said USASEOPros has continued to grow despite the recession, and that the numbers going forward look strong.

“Already this year we’re breaking our sales records and improving our rankings,” Howe said. “We decided to take our momentum and move into the global business arena. With the new geographical regions we’re targeting, we’re looking to shatter our goals and make 2009 our best year yet.”


USA SEO Pros is a search engine optimization company and has been in business for over 6 years. With thousands of satisfied clients and team of highly skilled professionals, USA SEO Pros has continued to grow and expand its business. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the company has built itself into a leader in the online advertising and marketing field. currently holds nearly 4 million placements for its clients and uses its knowledge and expertise to continue to grow that number.
Steve Howe