Write2Site Launches New HVAC Contractor Marketing Website

Write2Site is a digital marketing firm that serves the HVAC contractor market. The group has published enhanced resources on Write2Site.com. New features include testimonials from past clients, portfolio images, industry news, and information about search engine optimization program.

Winston, GA, March 19, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The newly re-designed website of Write2Site.com goes live today on the Web. Write2Site is a digital marketing firm that serves the HVAC contractor market. The firm is owned by a former HVAC contractor Chris Smith and his wife Michele. The couple owned a HVAC contractor firm for over 6 years before selling it in 2004. As an HVAC contractor Chris was frustrated with the options available for marketing his business. “The HVAC manufacturers and distributors just did not understand the value of the internet when it came to marketing to our customers”, said Chris, “and the cost to have a custom website developed was too expensive in 2000 for a small contractor.” Chris went back to college and took additional web development courses at night while running his HVAC company during the day.

In 2006, Chris was still surprised to find that the HVAC contractor industry was still behind in internet and digital marketing. As a result of this finding, Chris and his wife Michele formed Write2Site, a digital marketing firm that specializes in promoting the HVAC contractor on the internet and e-mail. According to Chris, “The primary target market for the home services industry is the female age group of 30-55 with over $100K of household income. These consumers are very comfortable with making purchasing decisions on the internet. HVAC contractors fail to influence this target market by having pictures of vans and buildings on their websites. The target market consumers are looking for friendly, dependable, and genuine contractors representing brand name equipment. In digital marketing, this message has to be conveyed in the 30 seconds - that is the average length of time a person will stay on a web page.”

Write2Site has spent years researching internet based purchases and has produced a formula that works for the HVAC contractor. They take the traditional HVAC contractor and through proprietary methods, present them as the desired contractor that will solve the consumers’ home comfort issues. “Our target market traditionally makes purchasing decisions based on emotions, then why do we always present our products based on a logic presentation?” states Chris. We produce an image and a message that our target market is receptive to based on the “feelings” that the website and digital marketing produces. I understand the pride of HVAC contractors wanting to display their 30 service vans in front of their 10,000 square foot facilities, but it makes no difference to the homeowner whose air conditioning is not working.

Write2Site is transforming the HVAC contractor's image. They take HVAC and market it just like premium purchases to make your consumers feel comfortable during the process. They differentiate HVAC companies’ messages by removing the primary focus off of pictures of equipment, vans, buildings or technicians and focus the message on home comfort and safety. They accomplish this transformation with technology - websites, search engine optimization, email and digital marketing.

About Write2Site: Write2Site is a digital marketing firm that specializes in e-mail and internet marketing for the heating and air conditioning industry. The Write2Site leadership team consists of Chris and his wife Michele. Michele holds a Bachelors degree in Marketing with a minor in Advertising. Michele also has over 14 years experience in marketing, website development and graphic design. Chris has 12 years experience in web development and served as a lead web developer and consumer behavior analyst for large corporations after leaving the HVAC industry.

Michele Smith