Brick Pavers Save Customers Thousands

Brick pavers are an excellent alternative to stamped or regular concrete. With the versatility of pavers, the possibilities are endless. Used in all types of applications, patios, driveway, walkways and even roadway use, pavers are the answer when it comes to cost and longevity. OBRY Brick & Landscape LTD. specializes in paver design and installation. If you like saving money and get the best out of a hardscape, than brick pavers are your answer.

Romeo, MI, March 23, 2009 --( Midwestern winters are tough, no doubt at all about it. Michigan’s harsh winter weather and repeated freezes and thaws in late winter through spring can cause a lot of wear on your driveway, patio and other paved areas on your property such as garden paths. Cement is great for other climates, but tends to start cracking in as little as a few winters. Many homeowners simply throw up their hands and pay for the necessary repairs, thinking that there is no alternative. However, there is a better option for homeowners in the upper Midwest and the Great Lakes region that in the long run puts money back in their pockets: brick pavers.

Unlike cement surfaces, brick pavers won’t crack-en-masse like a slab of cement – since they’re made up of individual pieces, they can move along with the freezes and thaws; this gives brick pavers much greater durability compared to conventional hardscapes. Brick pavers also don’t get gooey in the summer heat, like asphalt surfaces. Brick pavers come in hundreds of colors and sizes. Depending on the look you are going for, they can even match the environment setting like an old world tumbled look or a cobble stone look. Quilting is also very popular with mixing different colors and styles of pavers giving you another dimension of appeal. They also provide more traction and are far cheaper in the long run than cement or asphalt due to their greater durability, lasting at least 40 years.

Obry Brick and Landscape Ltd. ( offers Michigan homeowners a full array of landscaping services and is licensed by the State of Michigan as a builder, as well as being certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute and the Michigan Green Industry Association. Clearly, this is a company which knows their paving materials, including brick pavers; something which the company has seen a growing demand for. With a majority of their work installing brick pavers, Owner Chris Obry explains, saying “Everyone who lives in Michigan knows how hard the winters here can be on their concrete or asphalt driveways and patios – and how expensive it can be to have them repaired every couple of years. We started offering brick pavers because they’re such a great alternative to cement and asphalt. They’re durable and they come in a lot of different colors and shapes, so they lend themselves well to every kind of hard surface around the home.”

Obry continues, “Brick pavers also save homeowners a lot of money over the long run – after 10 years, they’re 6% cheaper; now I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but consider that in 30 years they save you 28% on the cost of other types of paving – and they last at least 40 years! Brick pavers make a great material for driveways, since they can hold up to 8,000 PSI; concrete can only take 3,000; a lot of people in this area drive larger vehicles, so they’re not doing their pocketbooks any favors by going with concrete. They’re also cheap to repair – and need to be repaired a lot less often.”

Brick pavers certainly do offer Michigan homeowners many benefits and a lot of potential savings over time. With their durability, resistance to common spills like oil, gas and lubricants and the versatility to give homeowners nearly any look they’re going for, there’s a lot to recommend them. They can even be removed when there is a need to get underground and reinstalled afterwards; now try doing that with concrete.

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