Two Four Legged, Butt Sniffin’ Peein’ Machines, Inspire Some Funny and Completely Entertaining Songs About Dogs for Dog Lovers

"It's A Dog's Life" is a CD of songs about Dogs for Dog lovers. Songs about all the things that doggies like to do best, including sniffing butts, peeing on everything, sleeping, eating, playing and loving us unconditionally. The style is Pop/R&B.

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“It’s A Dog’s Life” by Bobby Zee & Zoe

Gandalf & Gizmo, Two Four Legged, Butt Sniffin’ Peein’ Machines

Gandalf & Gizmo – two four legged, butt sniffin’ peein’ machines, also known as man’s best friends, also known as the father and song male Maltese breed doggies owned by two songwriter/recording artists, inspire some funny and completely entertaining songs all about dogs for dog lovers everywhere.

“The songs on this CD are truly a labor of love” said Bobby Zee and Zoe, a long time songwriting duo about their brand new release called “It’s A Dog’s Life” on Blue Lamp Music independent record label. “We just wrote the truth about what our doggies love to do most all day long. That is of course, butt sniffin’, peeing on everything in sight, going for walks, sleeping, dreaming, eating, playing, sniffing crotches, humping legs and doing pretty much whatever they feel like whenever they feel like it with absolutely no shame.”

There are also some touching love songs about the kind of unconditional love that a Dog seems to be willing and happy to give.

Bobby Zee and Zoe plan to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this CD to their favorite pet shelters, animal rescue missions and other charities that help out their favorite four legged pals.

It’s A Dog’s Life will be released on March 16, 2009 and will be available at online retailers and music stores across the United States. Please visit the official Blue Lamp Music website at for more information.

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