New PERME Series of Permeation Analyzers

New PERME series of permeation analyzer is introduced recently by Labthink, who is the world-famous permeation analyzing equipment manufacturer.

Jinan, China, March 20, 2009 --( PERME is the product brand for gas and vapor permeation analyzers of Labthink with high efficiency and accuracy, as well as the advanced performance and function. These permeation analyzers are for permeation analyse of water vapor, organic gas or oxygen transmission testing through films, laminated/complex films, sheets and other plastic films as well as the bottles, packages, boxes and finished containers including:

PERME OR2/410 Organic Gas Permeation analyzer,which can be used to perform the permeation tests for the odor, and other organic gases, like ethanol and so on.

PERME-DM2/330 Differential and Equal Pressure Method Gas permeation analyzer can test gas transmission rate, solubility coefficient, diffusion coefficient and permeability coefficient. This tester can perform the tests using the two most popular principles of Differential (manometric) and Equal pressure tests..

PERME OX2/230 Oxygen Permeation Analyzer is applicable in oxygen permeation analyse for plastic film, laminated film, and flat sheet materials, as well as the finished package made from plastic, rubber, paper, glass, metal and other materials in pure oxygen or air. This tester conforms to Coulometric principle and equal pressure method, has better extension capacity that can support 9 satellite modules.

PERME W3/330 Water Vapor permeation analyzer can provide precise measurement of water vapor permeation so as to help adjust and control the technical indexes of the packaging materials and other products, to meet the different requirements of application. This tester conforms to Coulometric principle and equal pressure method, has better extension capacity that can support 9 satellite modules

The introduction of these instruments will surely improve the efficiency and accuracy of permeability testing of quality safety control applications. They are ideal choice for the high cost-efficiency quality control solution.

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