Syntellect PhoneLink for Salesforce 2.2 Released

Phoenix, AZ, March 20, 2009 --( Syntellect, Inc., a leading provider of contact center management solutions, announced today the release of Syntellect PhoneLink for Salesforce Version 2.2. This release includes a large number of new features and enhancements that have been requested by our partners and customers and been developed in close cooperation with them, based on the needs and requirements of contact centers.

PhoneLink for SalesForce Version 2.2 contains the following new features:

• Support for multiple-call appearance phone sets enables multiple calls on a single PBX extension. New calls on a phone have no affect on the display or control of a call that is already active.
• Extended SalesForce query for screen pop allows an application to construct an Extended SalesForce SOSL Query and attach it to a call before it is routed to an agent. This query restricts the SalesForce contact database search triggered by the call arriving at the agent.
• Screen pop prevention, prevents contact details from being automatically displayed when a single record is found for an incoming call.
• New Case button provides an easy method for agents to create new cases with pre-populated fields during inbound or outbound calls.

This is in addition to the PhoneLink for SalesForce features introduced last year:

• Support for the Ericsson BP250 switch
• Support for custom wrap-up codes ( Disposition codes)
• Support for wrap-up codes on Avaya ACM systems (Aux work reason codes)
• Integration with Syntellect Call Information Manager (CIM). PhoneLink for SalesForce uses CTC/CIM extensions to support screen-pop based on ANI or user-entered data attached to calls from IVRs and via complex routing. CIM monitors all devices in a call center, including queues and IVRs.
• Integration with CTC Application Data to support screen pop based on ANI or user-entered data attached to calls from IVRs for simple call scenarios.

Please contact your Regional Sales Manager for the location of the new release package.

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