Sherwood Studios Expands Business Offerings Amidst Recession

Burnaby, Canada, March 20, 2009 --( A Canadian business owner and professional photographer is working diligently to expand his business, despite the difficult economic landscape.

Bernard Diedrich is the owner and operator of the Sherwood Studios in Burnaby, British Columbia, and has recently incorporated several new services in his studio.

Digital photography and digital enlargements are now available from Bernard’s staff, as well as professional photography services and stock photos for sale online. Diedrich said expanding his business to include digital services just makes sense.

“These days we’re seeing an increase in demand for digital photography services,” Diedrich said. “We’re still offering our custom dark room and restoration services, but now we can help people who bring in a memory card from their digital camera too.”

Sherwood Studios has served the Southwestern Canadian province since 1962. Diedrich has decades of photography and restoration experience in the area and says natural beauty has helped inspire his work.

“I love living and working in this part of the country,” Diedrich said. “The locale is beautiful and the people that work with our company are positively wonderful – I wouldn’t do this any other place.”

The recession has touched even Beautiful British Columbia however. Unemployment rose above 7 percent in February, and Bernard said he’s noticed it around the city.

“I’m really glad we’ve been able to expand and grow our business, because I know others haven’t fared as well,” Diedrich said. “All we can do is continue to offer great service and continue to take beautiful pictures for our clients.”


Sherwood Studios is a privately owned photography studio with over 45 years of business experience. Located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Sherwood offers portraits, wedding and commercial photography, photo restoration and enlargement, and now digital photography and digital services. Corporate photography and passport photo services are also available. More information is available at or (604)434-6674.
Sherwood Studios
Bernard Diedrich