Make-Your-Own-Photobooks Announces a Photo Book Reviewer Sweepstakes

Photo book idea and information site gives site users a chance to win one of three photo books from two major Publishers - DigiLabs and MyPicTales, by submitting a review of a photo book they have made.

Novi, MI, March 24, 2009 --( Popular photo book review site, is offering photo book makers the opportunity to win a photo book by simply submitting a review of a photo book they have created.

"This contest is a way to find out what’s truly important from a consumer’s point of view. The reward is a chance for the consumer to try a publisher they haven’t used before and get a new photo book in the process," explained the two co-owners of make-your-own-photobooks, Linda Reavill and Marilyn Bak. "We’ve been reviewing photo book publishers and now we want to know what the consumer is looking for when they choose their publisher. Technology is changing so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up with all the advances the photo book publishers have made. This contest is a way to find out what’s truly important from a consumer’s point of view." continues Marilyn Bak.

The photo book sweepstakes begins April 1, 2009 and ends at midnight on April 30, 2009.

According to Linda Reavill, "Photo books are a creative and fun way to preserve your favorite photo memories. With the vast majority of people using digital cameras, the pictures can reside on your computer until you’re ready to put them into a beautiful photo book that will last for a lifetime. And now you can turn your experience of making a photo book into a chance to make another one for free!"

Three photo books in all will be given away. Two lucky entrants will receive a free photo book from DigiLabs, a photo book publisher whose software makes it simple to create a photo book. One lucky entrant will receive a free photo book from MyPicTales, the winner of the 2008 PIXI Award. DigiLabs is donating a 20- page Ashbury book and a 20-page Fillmore book. For more information on these books, go to MyPicTales is donating an 8x8, 20-page custom hardcover photo book. For more information on this book, go to

For more information about the contest, or to enter, please visit

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Founded in October 2007, was started after a few friends saw some of the personal photo books created by Linda Reavill. The friends wanted to take a class and produce books of their own and the Linda wanted to share her information to help others interested in photo books. Today, is a photo book idea and information website that reviews popular photo book publishers, suggests ideas and offers countless resources for making your own photo books.

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