Offers a Dazzling New Way to Decorate Your Windows Desktop for Free

With literally hundreds of Windows wallpaper sites around the Web offering full-screen artwork and photographs (most of them charging steep subscription fees), it's nice to find one that features small, extremely cool, 3D, tile-able images to use as wallpaper that take up much less memory and system resources and are completely free, to boot.

Covington, LA, July 17, 2006 --( What are DeskFlakes? They are small, unique, eye-catching, 3D-style images that can be tiled seamlessly across your Windows Desktop, creating beautiful, intricate, mesmerizing patterns. Being so small in file size (averaging 15 to 20 kilobytes each), compared to full-screen digital art or photographs, they use much less system memory, leaving more for your programs and work while still making your Desktop look great.

DeskFlakes, as their name implies, are similar to snowflakes in symmetry and appearance, and also in that no two are alike, yet each is as beautiful as the next in its own unique way.

The site's well-designed, easy-to-navigate gallery features hundreds of different DeskFlake images AND the ability to dynamically colorize each one with one of 216 different colors, providing users with thousands of choices of dazzling designs with which to decorate their Desktops. You can view each image tiled on a page to see what the pattern will look like on your Desktop and also dynamically colorize the individual image from that page before downloading.

Says Kyle Dusang, creator, of the site's conception, "I was just playing around with Corel Paint Shop Pro and some plug-ins late one night and accidentally discovered how to make these nifty little snowflake-like, 3D images and thought about how cool a pattern they would make when tiled. So, I put one on my Desktop in a tiled pattern and it looked awesome. Everyone else who saw it thought so, too. They're so addictive to make, with so many endless possibilities in design, that I made hundreds of them and decided to offer them on a site for others to enjoy." launched officially on July 14th, 2006 and features 300 free images with plans to add many more as time goes on. Kyle, an accomplished software developer, also plans to offer a software program for download from the site in the near future which will run in your Windows System Tray and automatically download a random DeskFlake image and tile it on your Desktop at a specified interval. The program will also allow many more color choices with which to colorize the images limited only by the amount of colors in your system palette.

For more information, you can visit the site at or contact Kyle Dusang at

Kyle Dusang