iUniverse Would Like to Announce the Release of Land of Men by Edward Muesch

Bloomington, IN, March 22, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Destiny, adventure collide in Nuku Hiva.

Muesch’s novel, Land of Men, combines time travel, a love story and cannibals in South Pacific.

Land of Men (published by iUniverse) by Edward Muesch is a fast-paced novel that puts the elements of sailing, romance and time travel on a collision course for the island of Nuku Hiva in the South Pacific.

Written by a real-life sailor, Muesch’s lead character, Samuel, also has a dream to sail the world and after he purchases a ship with a dark and mysterious history, Dark Trader, and hires a crewman, Mike, that dream is close to reality and a shared destiny.

Muesch develops the characters of Samuel and Mike and helps readers understand their plight in the world. Readers learn a lot about Mike through a journal that he is keeping that is interjected into the novel as he shares his true thoughts about Samuel, the ship and their future. But Muesch also develops Dark Trader, a ship with a life of its own. Could it be that the ship is haunted? Is it able to sustain itself through time travel? Will it lead the crew on a dangerous adventure?

As they arrive at the Land of Men, romance ensues for both men as the novel takes its own course of adventure and unpredictability over three different time periods.

“The reader will be drawn into the many levels of the story and feel a part of the final outcome,” Muesch said. “This is an inspiring story dealing with destiny.”

Muesch, who retired as director of engineering from a company on the east coast to pursue life on the high seas, has written three other books, Personal Best: Chasing the Wind Above and Below the Equator, Ahmed from America and Rising Above the Wave, a non-fiction account of his survival of the tsunami that struck Thailand in 2004.

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