iUniverse Would Like to Announce the Release of The Hundred-Year Diet: Guidelines and Recipes for a Long and Vigorous Life by Dr. Blair and Sue Beebe

Bloomington, IN, March 22, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Medical Experts Use Data to Dispel Myths about Fad Diets and Exercise.

The Hundred-Year Diet: Guidelines and Recipes for a Long and Vigorous Life.

One in every 1,000 Americans will spend today in a hospital bed. By some estimates, half of those hospitalizations could have been prevented. As obesity replaces smoking as the leading cause of degenerative illness, many people are attempting to adopt better eating and health habits. However, with so much information floating around about what’s healthy and what’s not, sorting through it all can be a daunting task. In their new book The Hundred-Year Diet: Guidelines and Recipes for a Long and Vigorous Life (published by iUniverse) Dr. Blair and Sue Beebe separate what is fact and what is fad to present a true roadmap for a long and healthy life.

The life span of the modern human should be around 100 years. However, the National Center for Health Statistics states that the average life span is approximately 78 years. Why is this? Many people succumb to degenerative illness and premature death as a direct result of their health habits over the course of their lifetime. The first chapter of The Hundred-Year Diet says it all; “We Can Prevent Most Causes of Early Disability and Death”.

From the first page the Beebes deliver suggestions based on hard data presented by institutions such as the CDC, Johns Hopkins, the Department of Health and Human Services as well as years of personal experience as a physician and researcher. Whether they are talking about proper diet or the recommended duration of exercise in relation to age, The Hundred-Year Diet is based solely on clinical research and medical fact.

However, The Hundred-Year Diet doesn’t just preach the tenants of healthy living; it gives the reader suggestions on how to implement those ideas in everyday life. The Hundred-Year Diet even includes a series of recipes from around the world that combine healthy cooking with haute cuisine.

“The Hundred-Year Diet reviews the principles of disease prevention with an emphasis on reducing risk factors that pose the greatest danger to good health. Although it does not pretend to offer a magic formula for fast weight reduction, following the nutritional guidelines consistently will result in a more permanent normalization of weight. Strong evidence supports the conclusion that a poor diet underlies many serious chronic diseases.”

While born in Detroit, Sue Beebe grew up in New Jersey. She attended Rutgers University and went on to earn her Master’s in Microbiology from San Jose State. She has taught microbiology on the collegiate level at two universities and was the Chairman of Biology Department at Pinewood Prep School in Los Altos, CA.

Dr. Blair Beebe is Board certified in Internal Medicine. He grew up in New Jersey and holds degrees from Penn State, Thomas Jefferson University and Stanford. He has been a professor of medicine as well as having worked in private practice for over thirty years.

The Beebes live in Portola Valley, just south of San Francisco and have four children and eight grandchildren.

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