Suddenly Fem™ Corsets: The Cross Dresser’s Best Friend, the Cross Dressing Superstore, features an entire line of lingerie – including corsets – that have been designed and produced using male models as guides.

Philadelphia, PA, March 21, 2009 --( If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then perhaps the corset is the cross dresser’s best friend. For centuries the corset has been one of the most versatile items in any woman’s wardrobe. The very same corset is perfect for both romantic evenings and Renaissance Fairs, on honeymoons and in hot trendy nightclubs. The corset conjures images of everything from dark castles to medieval balls to modern day paperback covers.

But style aside, the function of the corset has always remained the same, to give a woman the head-turning hourglass shape that has become synonymous with femininity and beauty. Obviously, that shapeliness is even more important to crossdressers, transvestites, cds, tvs, drag queens and transgendered women.

For while most women are born with, or develop into, some semblance of the basic hourglass shape, most men are sadly shapeless. So cross dressers depend on the corset to provide their feminine curves. Drag queens and female impersonators depend on the corset to enhance the illusion. And fortunately for all,, the Cross Dressing Superstore, offers a wide array of corsets designed specifically for men’s bodies. And, for women or men, is there any garment more glamorous, sensual, and above all else, functional?

Trannies and x-dressers can choose the classic Hourglass Victorian Corset (European designed) in a variety of colors featuring under bust design, shimmering premier satin, and extra-strong boning for additional support. Or crossdressing males can select the exciting new Hiplette Corset with lace overlay insets and six sexy detachable garters. It’s the ultimate in transgender fashion and crossdresser style. Best of all, like the entire lingerie line, each corset has been is designed and produced using male models as guides.! New colors such as Purple and Champagne have just been added to the Suddenly Fem™ Spring Lineup.

Suddenly Fem clothes and accessories provide crossdressers, transvestites, drag queens, and transsexuals with sophisticated, glamorous, and well-made clothing options. The online superstore offers everything from lingerie to formal wear; eveningwear and party dresses to casual wear and club wear; plus mini skirts, mini dresses, micro minis, shoes, boots, hosiery, jewelry, accessories, and make-up.

About Suddenly Fem

Suddenly Fem manufacturers and designs virtually all of their products especially for crossdressers, transvestites and drag queens. All products are designed to perfectly fit men who cross dress. Each product—wigs, silicone breast forms, dresses, hormone supplements, necklaces, bracelets, clip earrings and even panties—has been hand picked and designed by the Suddenly Fem staff. Renowned for excellent customer service, hard-to-beat prices, as well as quality, fashionable, feminine attire, SuddenlyFem is the one-stop online site for the crossdresser community.

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