Andre Gunther's Work Available Today in Print Directly from His Website

Andre Gunther photography website also offers valuable information for photographers and designers beginners. The main advantage of the website is that visitors get all photography related advice and limited edition photos from professional.

Chicago, IL, March 21, 2009 --( Professional photography is making photo worth hundred words. Andre come with idea of travel photography where clients can experience places by visiting his website. Studio just launch sales of his interior design prints and limited edition prints directly from his site so clients can keep experience over and over.

Features of Andre work are as follows:

- Photographs and prints – studio have extensive galleries of photo work on a website available for the public from places such as Machu Pichu, the Great Lakes, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, New York, Lima, Colca Canyon, Ancient Mayan Sites, Tulum, and Dresden. Wbsite also have categories such as skyline, waterfalls, and sunsets.
- Interior design - company can provide solutions for clients interior design needs; even better, website can provide lower than market prices because studio cut out the middle man.
- Audience-oriented website – Andre is always easily reachable, and interact with his audience on major social networking websites such as Digg, Propeller, Reddit, and Newsvine. Social network articles that he submited are highly recognized by communities, and some of his work has been viewed by over 100,000 visitors a day.
- Expertise - artist also offer many helpful articles for novice photographers and designers. Visitors can find first-hand advice on how to process work in Adobe Photoshop. Site also have a section with his reviews of professional-grade digital cameras and accessories.
- Value for the Money - his website features lots of helpful information for free. Andre is always looking for ways to make travel experiences available to the public by making them affordable, and studio section of limited edition prints are available in many different formats and prices
- Years of Experience - author and owner of a website called "The Photographer," known by many thanks to his knowledge and expertise of photographers online.

Andre main objective is to advise, guide and support company clientele in every stage of their online endeavor. Company team is highly qualified in the areas of photography and design. Their primary objective is to meet the expectations of audience and customers. Studio friendly customer care team will answer any customer questions within 24 hours.

Alex Prokouchkine