Bit Flag Solutions, Inc., Releases Stock Alerting Subscription Service

Bit Flag Solutions, Inc., has just released a tool for the ‘Average Joe Investor’, to simplify investing decisions and the technical analysis side of investing. allow users to sign up for, and receive alerts for, stocks based on stock market technical analysis indicators.

Costa Mesa, CA, March 21, 2009 --( Bit Flag Solutions has released its flagship product, a tool for the ‘Average Joe Investor’. This new tool stands out as a solution for investing alerts. Vesticator will alert users when industry standard technical indicators signal on a buy or sell condition for any given stock. These indicators are proven mathematical formulas for best determining a good buy or sell condition for a stock. simplifies these indicators and allows for easy alerting for the user who wants to make wise and technically based decisions in their day to day investments.

Bit Flag Solutions, Inc. started as a company in 2008 (incorporated in 2009) by a couple of small time investors who had an interest in making more intelligent investing decisions. With 10 years of investing experience and consulting for companies and banks that handle a large share of stock market transactions, our ideas about how to help the small time, 'Average Joe', investor grew into Bit Flag Solutions.

“We wanted the challenge of learning how brokers make some of their decisions, and we didn't want to pay them to manage our portfolios. Vesticator exists as a way to help investors, with little or no knowledge of the stock market, make intelligent decisions about when to buy or sell securities,” says Paul Whygle, CEO of Bit Flag Soltions.

Scott Taylor, CTO of Vesticator explains that “With Vesticator, an investor can simply input which stocks they are interested in buying or selling, then choose from a list of pre-existing formulas that let investors know when the best time to buy or sell those securities is, and then finally choose how they want to be alerted when the security enters into a good buy or sell condition. It is as simple as that.”

Vesticator truly simplifies investing advice for the ‘Average Joe Investor’ by making technical analysis easy and allowing users to ‘set it and forget it.’

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Paul Whygle, CEO
Bit Flag Solutions, Inc

Bit Flag Solutions, Inc
Paul Whygle