Defboy Records Video for Debut Single: Cause the Product - All I Know; Intends To Change the Game Up North

Defboy Records artist and CEO Cause the Product's debut single "All I Know" launches video on Much Music, Much Vibe, and Rap City. The video is available for viewing at Defboy partners Cause and J-Dub share their opinions about the release as well as changing the face of the hip hop music industry in Canada.

Toronto, Canada, July 18, 2006 --( Defboy Records ( announced today the video launch of Cause the Product's debut single "All I Know." It will appear on Much Music ( as well as their hip hop programs Rap City and Much Vibe.

Currently airing on Toronto's Hip Hop and R'N'B radio station FLOW 93.5 (, Cause's single is making a lot of noise locally as well as garnering attention in hip hop communities worldwide. Listeners in the Greater Toronto Area can request this song to be played by sending requests to:

"We feel that the Canadian hip hop community has a lot to offer but has not been represented to its potential for one reason or another. We intend to release music that is truly international and that hip hop fans can enjoy regardless of nationality," says Defboy creative director Jerry Wong. "It just hasn't been done right so far up here - we are going to take it to the next level for hip hop and Canada."

Produced and performed by Cause, All I Know is an example of Defboy's vision and a prelude of things to come. As a rapper who can back his lyrics with his own beats provides Cause with a lethal combination and a unique dynamic that few other artists can enjoy. He has been involved with music and producing since a young age.

"This has been an experience and I've learned a lot of things about the rap game," says Cause. "As long as you're real, not just real to the public but real to yourself, and stick to your own - you'll go far."

The video is available for viewing online at the Defboy Records website ( as well as The video has entered rotation within Much Music's and Much Vibe's video scheduled programming as of the week of July 14 - 21. They can be viewed in their playlists at and respectively.

"Cause the Product's video release for All I Know is a bold video and makes a heavy statement by showing us two sides to his personality - one slick and refined - the other street, and down right dirty - both of which just make Cause the well rounded emcee he is," says video director Marc André Debruyne. (

"For the video - I wanted to go for a big/visual presence for Cause's first video - one that would set a strong tone for him as an emcee. Something that's evident right off the bat with our bold title sequence. I seldom use titles in my videos - but with a track like this - it was more than appropriate."

"Cause is street - he's hood - but the song has a mixture of both street and style to it. For the video, there are 2 characters, Cause behind the wheel of his ride, and Cause hiding in the dark shadows of an alley way. At the wheel, Cause is styled out, the colors are rich, the footage is glossy, his performance and delivery is smooth - I really wanted to pull out that one side of him for that scene. Simultaneously, we find Cause spitting his rhymes as he moves in and out of shadows in this alley way - we see all sorts of people lurking throughout - people calling back up, people stepping up to the camera, etc. Finally in our third verse - both sides of Cause combine and we see our car parked in the middle of our crowd - surrounded by his crew, we experience both sides of Cause. The scene is rough and raw - the faces of his crew are hard - but our lens flares of our parked car keep that slick and polished side of Cause that will always be present."

"Cause is a true emcee - a natural in front of the camera," says Debruyne. "I have a great respect for him and for what he puts his name on - we had a great working relationship where he put a lot of trust in me - because of that, I really busted my ass for him - I couldn't ask for anything more from artists I work with."

Marc André is making it happen - directing both commercials and music videos in Toronto, Canada. His simple style is powered by his fresh sense of design and composition. His inspiration is driven by fashion, beauty, and the obvious - music. Marc André approaches each project with one goal in mind - to out do himself. He brings his own unique and dramatic interpretation to every set, not to mention his flare for creating a fun and lighthearted environment. Marc André is making a name for himself - at least the people he's worked for these past years think so.

Marc André is currently represented in Canada by Blink Pictures (, the production company responsible for the video. He is also responsible for making the videos of superstars like: Royce Da 5.9, Classified , Bless, D.O, Arabesque, DL Incognito, Tru-paz, Ivana Santilli, and Canadian Idol Mellissa O'Neil. Marc André Debruyne's portfolio can be viewed at and can be contacted at

Defboy Records is an independent record label with a focus on urban music. Founded in 2002, partners Cause and J-Dub (a.k.a. Jerry Wong) have established a name in the music community, based out of Toronto, Canada. With its team of dedicated professionals, Defboy Records aims to produce music and media at the highest standards of quality. As an independent label, its values are committed to bringing audiences material with artistic integrity, and without compromise. Having the freedom from corporate investors and other external influences, Defboy pledges to deliver truly authentic and inspired music to the people. For more information please visit:

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