"Written In Blood" Publication Delayed

Ikthalion Press, a publisher of science fantasy adventure and nonfiction books, has delayed the publication of "Written In BLOOD" to April 15.

Sherman Oaks, CA, March 23, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The long awaited debut of "Written In BLOOD", Theresa M. Moore's 8th novel of fantasy adventure and historical fiction in the Children of The Dragon SF/vampire series, has been postponed to April. The author asks your indulgence and promises that you will not be disappointed with the results. "I would rather write it well and finish it late than rush all and sacrifice the consistent quality of the work," she said. The book, which will run more than 250 pages, is slated for publication no later than April 15. "Written In BLOOD"'s publication coincides with the 320th anniversaries of the French Revolution and the signing of the United States Constitution in 1789.

"Written In BLOOD" is A Road Picture like no other, a vampiric romp spanning half the globe up to the French Revolution. Alexander Corvina travel to Tibet and persuades his father to rejoin the world of men. They travel to France sharing danger and romance along the way. But by the end of the ancien regime in 1789 it is dangerous for even vampires to be mistaken for aristo. Worse, Alexander attracts the attention of a certain Bernard de Chauvelin, who spies on the king for the Citizen's Brigade. Alexander must help his family escape to the friendly shores of England and avoid the sharp taste of Madame la Guillotine, but how?

The Children of The Dragon series by author Theresa M. Moore (T. M. Moore) is a chronicle of the Xosan, living vampires from the planet Antellus who were human but transformed by a dragon's blood. They are stories of science fiction, fact and fantasy, myth and history, tragedy and triumph; linked together by the theme of the vampire as hero. These books are rated for YA to adult readers and contain blood violence and some vampire erotica.

About the author: Theresa M. Moore has been an avid reader and writer of science fantasy adventure and a fan of genre film and television series for many years. She also has a keen interest in mythology, history and archaeology. She writes in a strong cinematic style with daring imagery which brings the reader into a literary universe which is as real as the reader's own, ever with the mission to educate as well as entertain.

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