International Violinist is Music to Children’s Ears

Learning the violin at a young age can teach children responsibility, discipline, and fine motor skills. International Musician, Martin Lopez, is bringing his unique teaching style to the Naples, FL area, beginning with a free workshop on Mar 27th.

Naples, FL, March 25, 2009 --( It takes a special person to inspire young musician and to help them strive for excellence. Having studied the violin under the direction of the world renown violinist/ instructor since 3 years old, and having performed for audiences across Europe and the Americas, Martin Lopez has lots of experience to offer his students. For more than a decade, Mr. Lopez has been sharing his gift with children as young as 2-1/2 throughout the Chicago area. Starting this spring, his unique program will be expanding to the Naples area.

Experts have long known the benefit of early childhood music education. Children at this age are naturally receptive to the nuances of pitch and rhythm. In learning an instrument, children can improve their fine and gross motor skills while listening skills and concentration improve with training.

“The Mozart Effect,” as first described by Dr. Gordon Shaw, documented the proven positive effects that music has on brain development and that it is most crucial during the first 6 years, when the most important brain development takes place. Children who have been exposed to classical music at a young age have shown that they have an advantage in academic abilities as well as self-esteem, not to mention responsibility and discipline.

This Friday, March 27th, Mr. Lopez will be offering a free workshop entitled “Training Ordinary Children to be Extraordinary through the Art of Violin” at the River Park Community Center (301 11th Street N.) in Naples. Sessions will be offered at 10am and 4pm, and families are encouraged to attend with their young children. The one-hour workshop will demonstrate the teaching methods used by the Martin Lopez Academy to instruct children as young as age 2-1/2. Parents and children will have the opportunity to see and participate in demonstrations, as well as register for lessons. Instrument measuring and rental will also be available after the workshop.


About Martin Lopez: Mr. Lopez began The Martin Lopez Academy in 2002 while at the same time holding a part-time position as Studio Instructor in Violin for the Betty Haag Academy. He recently led members of his Academy’s performing group on a tour to Guadalajara Mexico where they were featured on a Mexican television program. Prior to 2002, Mr. Lopez provided bilingual violin training in the Chicago Public Schools Inner-City Program where he began a program for 2 year old children. As the program flourished, Mr. Lopez was put in charge of six teachers, conducted repertoires with 100 students and worked with students from 20 different schools. As a young student, Martin was referred to as “a child prodigy” in the Chicago Tribune and performed around the world with the Betty Haag Performing Group including appearances on U.S. and French television, for Pope John Paul II at the Vatican and in Chicago, and for the opening ceremonies of the Stradivarius festival in Cremona Italy.
The Martin Lopez Academy
Dori Schmitz