DiscountCall: Tips for Companies Planning to Move their Phone Services

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Atlanta, GA, July 19, 2006 --( When planning a location move, remember, you are moving your phone services as well. Moving your dial tone takes time; make sure you have allowed for this. It usually takes two weeks to move plain old telephone service, (POTS), or thirty days for T-1 service. This tip is critical for companies preparing for a location move, thus DiscountCall, a telecommunications systems and services company, serving the Southeast United States, included it as a part of the “Tip of the Month” section of the DiscountCall web site.

1) First, make sure you can take your phone numbers with you. Once you have the address of the new location and a couple of phone numbers of your new neighbors, call your carrier or a consultant company, like DiscountCall, to find out if you can take your phone numbers with you. If not, several alternatives can be implemented.

2) Next, do a walk through with your phone and/or data vendor to make sure that your new location is properly cabled for what you need. Do you have phone and data jacks everywhere you plan on putting a desk? Don’t get caught at the last moment having to rearrange your furniture because you forgot to check for jacks in your desired places.

3) Finally, when coordinating your move, on the final day, make sure that you have scheduled your phone vendor to move your phone system and your data vendor to get your network up and running at the new location. With many telephone companies, you can schedule a specific time to move everything over to your new location. This is an ideal way of getting everything done at the same time.

Following these simple guidelines should prevent you from suffering the stress of coordinating this vital part of your location move. For more helpful tips, visit


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