Chloride Ensures Availability of BGL Group’s Customer Services

Resilient UPS units and remote monitoring ensure successful customer support

Southampton, United Kingdom, March 26, 2009 --( Chloride, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and services, today announced that one of the UK’s largest insurance companies, the BGL Group is utilising a variety of Chloride’s three phase 80-NET and 70-NET UPS systems in its customer services department. Additionally, BGL Group is monitoring the performance and health of its UPS systems through Chloride’s unique monitoring system.

Based in Peterborough, BGL Group employs over 2,270 people to handle more than two million customers’ insurance policies across brands including BUDGET, Bennetts, ibuyeco and partners such as Post Office®, M&S Money and HSBC. Its call centre operations provide all of its customers with a high level of service. The main contact centre is based in Peterborough, also the location of BGL Group’s head office, but it has additional contact centres in Coventry, Sunderland and Peterlee in the UK, and Cape Town in South Africa.

“We pride ourselves on our customer service, as clearly it is the cornerstone of any organisations’ customer retention,” says Mark Cottingham, Business Services Project Manager at the BGL Group. “By providing a range of contact centres throughout the UK we are able to effectively deal with any customer queries, so it was absolutely vital that our computer services have 24 hour operability and are able to keep going in the case of a power outage.”

To ensure uptime and reliability of customer services, BGL Group selected the 80-NET UPS system from Chloride, as it draws 20% less input current than a standard UPS system. Using an 80-NET system reduces the switchgear ratings and subsequent cable sizes required, minimising generator ratings whilst maximising the usable power from the power supply. In addition BGL Group is using the 70-NET UPS system, which provides improved efficiency for its IT operations.

“We realised that for our helpdesk operations to be truly successful we needed to provide our staff with the best IT infrastructure available,” adds Cottingham. “The Chloride UPS systems provide the required back up to our operations and more importantly, its monitoring service ensures that our systems are maintained properly and effectively in order to reduce the operational costs of the UPS systems.”

Chloride’s remote monitoring system provides businesses with an early warning system for any alarm condition or out-of-tolerance status. It ensures that Chloride’s highly trained system engineers can proactively maintain critical power systems, providing complete security and peace of mind to its customers. The BGL Group is no exception. “By deploying Chloride’s UPS systems and monitoring systems we feel that we have a solid infrastructure in place that will support our vital customer service operations,” confirms Cottingham.

“ is designed to ensure that our customers maximise the availability and uptime of their systems, whilst minimising the risk of UPS system failures,” says Chloride’s Technical Support Manager, Rob Tanzer. “By proactively maintaining and monitoring our customers’ UPS systems we are able to ensure an efficient and cost-effective site as the number of engineer visits are kept to a minimum.”

Janne Virtanen
(023) 8061 0311