TechRestore Announces New $99 Overnight iPhone 3G Repair Service with Free Shipping

TechRestore rolls out their recession busting 3G iPhone screen repair service for just $99 including Overnight turnaround time and Free Shipping.

Concord, CA, March 27, 2009 --( TechRestore combines an award winning combination that brings 3G iPhone owners the best solution for their screen replacements and iPhone repair:

Overnight turnaround time
Free shipping
Exclusive Factory-Fit Installation process
Award Winning Service

TechRestore certified technicians have unmatched experience when it comes to 3G iPhone service due to the high volume of repairs and screen replacements they perform. Once a users iPhone is received at the TechRestore secure facility, the customer is alerted so they know their iPhone has arrived safely. TechRestore technicians will then professionally remove the cracked and damaged touch screen digitizer or LCD from the iPhone and then install a factory-new digitizer or LCD with their proprietary “Factory-Fit” bonding process. The $99 price includes replacement of either the LCD or the touch-screen digitizer. iPhones with additional damage may incur an increased repair price.

TechRestore offers free shipping on all approved repairs and we perform overnight service on MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook and iBook computers. In addition, their consumer electronics division performs overnight repair on iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPod Video, iPod Nano, iPhone, Sony PSP and other gaming systems. The TechRestore network of over 2000 local pickup locations offers convenient pick up of your product in your neighborhood. TechRestore is certified by and follows the strict guidelines of the Bureau of Electronics Repair and all TechRestore certified technicians are highly trained and many carry advanced electronics degrees.

Created out of a passion for the products they sell and service, TechRestore brings together an unmatched repair and product expertise team to provide repairs, upgrades & recoveries for mobile devices such as Mac & PC Laptops, iPods, iPhones and PSPs. With more than 20-years of experience providing award winning solutions for our customers, they’ve still kept their sense of wonder about how fortunate they are to work with these fantastic products and people each day. TechRestore customers can rest assured that while their products may fail them, TechRestore never will.

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