EZTakes Has Published the World's Largest Catalog of Downloadable DVD Movies

EZTakes, the world's first DVD movie download store, has published an online catalog of more than 500 download-to-burn DVDs.

Easthampton, MA, July 20, 2006 --(PR.com)-- EZTakes announced today that it has reached a critical milestone by publishing over 500 downloadable DVDs, which is by far the world's largest catalog of movies that consumers can buy, download, burn to disc and play on almost any standard DVD player. The EZTakes collection includes full-length independent films of all genres, fitness and educational videos, as well as a large number of classic, cult, horror and Bollywood movies. Many of the recent additions to the EZTakes site are titles that won top honors at major film festivals, such as Cannes, Berlin and Sundance. A number of EZTakes titles are also Academy Award winners and nominees.

"EZTakes is the result of a very simple idea: make money by providing movie downloads in a usable form and at a reasonable price," said Jim Flynn, CEO of EZTakes. Flynn Continued, "We're all film lovers here. Since we wouldn’t pay for movie downloads that you can only watch on a PC, we don’t believe that you can realistically expect other consumers to either. That's why we built EZTakes to deliver video downloads in the most usable form possible, which is on DVDs that can play in almost any living room. As our sales volume has grown, more and more content owners have come to us looking for a rational and practical way to make money by selling downloads."

Darrin Ramage, President of Brain Damage Films, an independent film company that sells movie downloads through EZTakes, commented, "The download-to-DVD model used by EZTakes works extremely well for our fan base." Ramage added, "Our income from EZTakes has grown steadily each month and is now at a very healthy level."

EZTakes discourages piracy by personalizing all DVDs with the purchasing consumer's identity and an embedded ID number. People that make unauthorized copies would incriminate themselves because the copies are clearly traceable. Although EZTakes has only been live for a few months, the company has experienced a dramatic increase in sales and has already developed a loyal following of repeat customers. By making it easy to download movies that consumers can burn to DVD, EZTakes has bridged the gap between the Internet and the living room. Movie downloads on EZTakes start at as low as $1.99. Most EZTakes DVDs include all of the extra features of the original DVD.

About EZTakes:

EZTakes, Inc. is the first legal movie download service that gives consumers the ability to purchase full movie downloads that they can easily burn to playable DVDs. The company was founded in 2003 by experienced executives that have a long track record of building highly successful companies by using new technologies to exploit business opportunities.


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