Elohim – Masters & Minions a Spiritual Thriller, Sequel to One Just Man

As superpowers struggle for supremacy, Dr. Peter Thornton continues his lonely battle with his gift of healing. Eventually, he enters a realm where only gods dare to tread. This is a novel of ultimate Human Potential.

Montreal, Canada, March 27, 2009 --(PR.com)-- inhousepress presents another page-turner: Elohim — Masters and Minions. Visionary fiction, (ISBN 978-0-9870267-5-2), is the sequel to One Just Man. Both books are now available from all major online distributors, including Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk., Barns and Noble, Froogle, AurthorsDen, Chapters.indigo.ca or directly from inhousepress.

Even as the world takes gigantic steps in the fields of genetics, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, Peter Thornton, the hapless hero of One Just Man, drifts further and further away from mundane reality. Yet, in spite of himself, he is drawn into the machinations of Solidarity International, the Sino-Indian Block and the American Coalition, competing for world domination.
Dejected though involved, he continues to drift into an intangible world where, to his amazement, he is joined by his love, Dr. Cathy Mondellay, who is equally as committed to the mystery of the elusive black holes.

In true Stan Law style, this book is both a bold exploration of human potential and an international thriller. As an added bonus, Peter shows us the way to join him in the realm of man's ultimate destiny.

What some people say:

“Intrigue, international espionage, mystery and romance. You'll find it all in this sequel to One Just Man. I loved it! An especially interesting aspect to all Stan Law's novels is the spiritual slant he gives to each story.” (M. Witthoeft, Point Claire, Canada)

“A sparkling novel that frames Dr. Peter Thornton's intensely personal journey of self-discovery in the best of high stakes international intrigue.” (Bryn Symonds, writer, editor, Montreal).

“Man's search for fulfillment and completeness has never had a better articulator and advocate than Stan I. S. Law in ‘Elohim’. We witness the chrysalis of godhood growing to dimensions not yet dreamed of. Fascinating characters drawn with an artist's eye of discernment will leave an indelible echo of recognition, and unquenchable hope, in the mind of the perceptive reader.” (Kate Jones, writer, editor, USA)

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