Rohan Natural Pet Remedies Announces the Launch of the All New Equestrian Formula Line

Latest News- Rohan natural pet remedies of Canada has launched their new line of equestrian products. Designed for horses. Rohan's founder Janelle Nystrom started this company after years of experience in the pet industry. As an exotic pet breeder and online store merchant Janelle was tired of all the bogus herbal remedies on the market, falsely advertising themselves as the miracle cure. Since then she has thoroughly researched the market and provided only quality effective formulas.

Niagara Falls, Canada, March 27, 2009 --( Rohan is proud to announce the newest addition to the Rohan online pet store. Starting with just a few products and several web pages Rohan has grown to become one of the best online pet stores on the internet today.

The new products for horses include EQuine Colic Calm TM, to address acute colic; EQuine Joint Relief TM, a formula to relieve stiff muscles; EQuine Horse Calm TM, a formula that temporarily calms and soothes highly-strung, stressed and anxious horses; and EQuine Respiratory Relief TM, a formula to temporarily relieve symptoms of respiratory distress in horses.

All of their natural remedies are manufactured using the Full Spectrum Approach (TM), a set of standards and processes that combine the best quality, laboratory tested, raw ingredients, and all of their homeopathic remedies are manufactured according to HPUS standards under the supervision of qualified homeopaths and responsible pharmacists.

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In reality pets today are not as healthy as they were 20 to 30 years ago. Breeders and pet owners find this news to be heart wrenching and disappointing. Sadly many pet owners wonder why this is true. Well to tell you the truth it is often pet owners that cause these poor defenseless animals to have health issues. You see modern living has taken it's toll on our pets health in many ways. Poor diets and lack of exercise are the two major contributing factors causing such a decline in pet health. However you can take action now and fight back against pet illnesses and disease like parvo-virus or cancer and many others by taking some very simple life saving steps. First, provide your pets with a healthy diet whether it be a quality all-natural kibble or home made balanced diet. Second, daily vitamins can help to restore your pets health and boost their immune system by ensuring they get all of the proper minerals that their bodies need on a daily basis to survive. Unfortunately so many people are deceived by fancy advertisements and marketing techniques used by manufacturers today when they are buying pet food. Just remember that fancy packaging can often be misleading and trick buyers into believing that the product is good or better than others. Read the labels carefully before you decide which pet food is right for Rover. It is true that even many veterinarians will push expensive canned diets on their customers even though they are not as great as people believe them to be. It all boils down to money. Money makes the world go round or so they say. Don't think for one minute that those vets selling that expensive canned food with the fancy labels aren't getting a financial reward for pushing that misleading phony miracle pet food in a can. Be creative and use your head when deciding which diet suits your pets and your budget best.

Janelle Nystrom