txtNation Connect Premium SMS in South America

Plymouth, United Kingdom, March 28, 2009 --(PR.com)-- txtNation today announced new connectivity into the networks of South America, uniquely positioning the company to deliver SMS interoperability that will enable both txtNation clients and partners to tap into new revenues from text messaging across this region.

With this, txtNation have now established a strong connectivity offering in one of the fastest and most untouched continents for Premium SMS, South America.

txtNation have received network accreditation to deliver Micro-payments for Web Based Access (mENABLE), content services (mPUSH) and a wide range of other direct based API services (mBILL) across Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. Brazil is due to go live later in the year. For example, clients using the ever popular mENABLE Micro-billing solution, these countries are currently live and processing, with local language support.

txtNation have been in beta testing for the last several months across this region.

Michael Whelan, txtNation Director states, "It may come as a surprise to some to see we have managed to deploy our range of services in so many countries in one roll out. This has been a result of much work over the last several years on gaining this connectivity.

This is another step forward in our global connectivity and showcases our coverage to be far out in front of competitor offerings in this space."

txtNation say that all existing clients can automatically start services in this range of newly acquired connections and countries from today.

Today, wireless networks in South America do not offer an easy entry for companies wishing to setup services. txtNation's award winning platform and connectivity into the leading mobile networks, can now provide all clients and partners with the whole range of txtNation services.

Furthermore, txtNation's technology platform was built from the ground up to enable the delivery of interactive services over any standard or device and is optimised to handle the complexity of delivering services across multiple networks. txtNation currently delivers both one and two way SMS services for companies across all major network standards in the Americas including GSM, TDMA and CDMA.

Currently, more than one billion SMS messages are sent each month in Europe, a trend that has led networks in many countries to begin driving significant percentages of their revenue from the delivery of these services. Until now however, interoperability issues between wireless networks in South America have prevented companies in these regions from realising the SMS revenues being generated by their counterparts overseas.

"The flexibility and scalability of the txtNation services platform are the primary factors in our success extending the reach of our services in this fast growth region," said Whelan.

"Because we have achieved extensive reach and built a highly scalable system, txtNation is well positioned to enable companies in the Americas to realise the substantial revenue potential delivered by SMS, text messaging."

txtNation is uniquely positioned to provide the technologies and expertise to enable Premium, 2-way text messaging interoperability in the Americas, currently having connectivity in the USA and Canada. txtNation currently delivers a wide range of mobile billing and campaign services, including one-way SMS-based solutions, to several of the top Fortune 500 companies across the US and Canada and this rollout will continue into the South American region.

For more information, please visit: http://txtnation.com/contact_call.php.

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