New iPhone Integration to GrandCentral/Google Voice Submitted to Apple App Store

VoiceCentral Application to Provide iPhone Users Seamless Access to Google Phone Products.

Durham, NC, March 29, 2009 --( Riverturn, Inc, has followed up its initial success of Easy Dials It, a unique speed dial application for the Apple iPhone, with a new application called VoiceCentral, that integrates GrandCentral from Google and Google Voice with the iPhone. VoiceCentral offers users complete access to their voicemails on GrandCentral/Google Voice, integration with existing Contacts on the iPhone, along with the ability to make calls via GrandCentral/Google Voice for free throughout the US. This application was submitted to the Apple App Store on March 26, 2009 and will be available upon approval to iPhone users via iTunes.

Previously users of GrandCentral were not able to play their voicemails on the iPhone, or had to use multiple applications to work around the lack of integration between the products. “GrandCentral from Google has been an amazing service that wrapped many voice services for free in one phone number,” explains Kevin Duerr, President of Riverturn, Inc. “However, it was incompatible with the iPhone, and you could not play the voicemails you received to those numbers. VoiceCentral gives you seamless access to those voicemails whether or not you are using GrandCentral or Google Voice. VoiceCentral also supports users on both GrandCentral and Google Voice allowing you to get the same features no matter which service you use.”

VoiceCentral marries the flexibility of GrandCentral/Google Voice with the unsurpassed abilities of the Apple iPhone. Voicemails can be played visually via the handset, as well as through the speakerphone function or headphones. Phone calls can be initiated via GrandCentral/Google Voice thus allowing calls within the US for free through the Google Voice network. It also integrates existing contacts on the iPhone with calls from GrandCentral/Google Voice. VoiceCentral also uses an elegant user interface to make the application simple for anyone to use.

"VoiceCentral really brings together the power and the flexibility of GrandCentral/Google Voice and the iPhone," said Patrick Kernan, Vice President at Riverturn, Inc. "These rich programming environments allowed us to rapidly develop our application in two weeks to deliver a convenient, powerful application. As Google Voice expands into the Enterprise with Google Apps we think VoiceCentral will be an important tool that CIOs can use to tie together their telecommunications infrastructure."

VoiceCentral has been submitted for approval to Apple and once it is approved it will be available for $2.99 (US). Easy Dials It ($1.99 US) and Easy Dials It Lite (Free) are now available from the Apple App Store via iTunes. For more information on Riverturn iPhone applications, please visit


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