Angel Bischak Believes Bottom Line Media’s Digital Signage Solution Will Help the Environment

Bountiful, UT, March 29, 2009 --( Angels Lending Group is assisting Bottom Line Media during the funding phase of their project to offer an alternative to traditional signs that will help eliminate waste of signs containing wood products. In addition, the ability of digital technology to allow video conferencing and training to multiple locations will reduce the number of trips on airplanes and in cars.

Traditional advertising often uses paper or cardboard signs and space on newspaper classified pages. Digital signs like the one on the Walgreens building in Times Square not only offer innovative solutions to the advertising needs of many types of business, but they can also reduce the waste of paper and wood products often used in different types of advertising.

Many companies spend tens of thousands of dollars that wastes airline fuel, releases carbon emissions, and negatively impacts the environment when they send employees to training events or meetings. The same digital technology used in signs can also act as a portal for training, meetings, and conferences. This solution saves companies money on transportation costs and helps the environment by reducing the number of passengers on airplanes and/or car trips.

“Companies can have their trainers teach one class that allows all employees to access the training throughout the entire organization through a digital learning center. Why put staff on airplanes when they can get the same information through an e-learning environment. Digital technology is changing the way we learn and advertise,” says Steve Anderson, CEO and Founder of Bottom Line Media.

Angel Bischak is excited about the possibilities this technology will bring to the business sector and the environment. Angels Lending Group seeks to support projects that are a benefit to the environment, green energy, and humanity.

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