Is Sara, the Pineapple Cat the Most Unsuccessful Book Series in Publishing History?

Have you ever heard of Sara, the Pineapple Cat? No? Well, that does not come as a big surprise to the publisher.

Saint Louis, MO, March 29, 2009 --( Four writers, four artists, and the afore-mentioned publisher have worked to create a “delightfully written and beautifully illustrated” series of children’s books featuring the adventures of Sara, the Pineapple Cat.

Five books have been published so far:
• Rooftop Rescue: The High Adventures of Sara, the Pineapple Cat – Story by Anne Louise Pemberton; Illustrations by Katharine Sandalls
• Stand By Your Cat: The Unlikely Best Friend Adventures of Sara, the Pineapple Cat – Story by Cherokee Wyatt; Illustrations by Toto Winarno
• New Branches on the Family Tree: The Twin Adventures of Sara, the Pineapple Cat – Story by Cecil Witherspoon; Illustrations by Marci Mongelli
• Stowaway: The San Francisco Adventures of Sara, the Pineapple Cat – Story by Jill Ammon Vanderwood; Illustrations by Yvonne Ford
• Sara, the Pineapple Cat's Alphabet Book – Stories by Sara, the Pineapple Cat as told to Cecil Witherspoon

Because sales have been so non-existent, the publisher is considering contacting the Guiness World Records people to see if there is a “Most Unsuccessful Book Series in Publishing History” category. But that would probably make Sara just famous enough not to qualify for Guiness World Records.

No one expects Sara, the Pineapple Cat to be in Guiness World Records as the most successful book series in publishing history, but no one wants her to be the most unsuccessful book series, either.

Sara cannot be found lying around the shelves of your local bookstores, but go to and search for “Sara, the Pineapple Cat” and you will find her.

David Olin Tullis