Ghillie Suits Come of Age: Next Generation Ghillie Suits

Since their invention, Ghillie suits have advanced warfare, but these new Ghillie suits for paintball, hunting and for military are changing the game again., a leading Ghillie suit supplier, showcases next generation Ghillie suits.

Bradenton, FL, March 29, 2009 --( is more than an Online Store that sells various ghillie suits for hunting, paintball, airsoft or for military purposes, its hub for resources and free information in helping customers decide what the right product for them is.

As recreational hunting, shooting and paintball activities become more popular, the demand for equipment (such as Ghillie suits) for these activities have significantly increased; so has the technology. Ghillie suits have come of age and are significantly better in quality, technology and cheaper in price.

Customers today, have significantly greater choice in the style of Ghillie suit than ever before. In the past, quality, realistic premade Ghillie suits were almost non-existent. In the past, if a customer wanted a professional grade Ghillie suit, it usually meant they had to make one themselves, today; Ghillie suits outside the box can be worn to battle with little to no modifications. Offers Better Ghillie Suits

Ultra Light Weight - Past Ghillie suits were made of heavy materials like burlap and when worn, temperatures could reach over 50 degrees. Ghillie suits that offers are lighter, made from synthetic jute thread, and the best quality suits they offer weigh less than 3 pounds.

Fire-Retardant – offers Ghillie suits that are certified and pre-treated with fire retardant, as its advised not to wear a suit that has not been treated with anti-flammable material.

Quality Netting – essential for customization is quality 3/4" netting that been treated against water & bugs.

The new next generation Ghillie suits offered by have unique customization like Velcro buttons; Ghillie suit owners have discovered that buttons are often getting caught while crawling, which leads to discomfort and damage to the suit. As always, comfort should always be considered, which is why today’s Ghillie suits’ elbows and knee pads are padded for individual comfort, because knows individuals will be spending hours on the field.’s Next Generation Ghillie Suits come in more patterns and sizes; because a suit designed right and fits like glove, it guarantees you will not be caught behind enemy line. They offer various Ghillie suits for hunters, paintball enthusiasts, military personnel, sniper, shooting enthusiasts and even wildlife photographers. Visit their Ghillie Suit store today.

About is the top supplier for Ghillie suits, its staff and owners are avid hunting & paintball enthusiasts for over 35 years. Its number one focus is providing superior service and quality lasting products, in the past 3 years it has not received a single return. This shows their dedication is providing the right products for their customer’s needs.

Mathew Patterson