New Footwork DVD Teaches Tennis from Ground Up

Tennis footwork DVD may revolutionize the way the game is taught.

Bozeman, MT, March 31, 2009 --( USPTR Professional Jim Hord’s new DVD that spells out how to improve your footwork on the tennis court could prove to be the most revolutionary tennis instructional guide in years.

Titled 2 Steps 2 Success, this 20 minute video encompasses Hord’s two main lifelong coaching philosophies: focusing on fundamentals, and steering clear of the generalities that are so common when teaching tennis.

When asked what motivated him to make a video at this stage in his career, Hord stated, “I released this product because in my 25+ years of playing and coaching, I’ve seen so little emphasis on teaching this crucial aspect of the game.”

“My system provides players specific techniques to improve their movement on the court in a way that is easy to understand and easy to implement, for players at any level.” In fact it is Hord’s inimitable ability to break down movements into the most precise detail and provide exact instruction that makes this ‘not just another Tennis DVD.’

In a unique attempt to ‘spread the word,’ Jim Hord Tennis is recruiting tennis professionals from around the world to learn and teach his system. Rutger Gerritsen, former Dutch Junior Team Champion and one of Holland’s top-ranked players, was quoted as saying “Jim’s footwork fundamentals simply work.”

Although the official release date of 2 Steps 2 Success was March 28, 2009, pre-release sales have been “very encouraging.”

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Jim Hord