Dr. Marion Thorpe Launches Statewide Health Care Listening Tour

Florida’s Former Chief Medical Officer and Only Announced Republican Candidate for US Senate Launches Health Care Solutions Listening Tour.

Jacksonville, FL, March 29, 2009 --(PR.com)-- As Chief Medical Officer of the State’s Agency for Health Care Administration, Dr. Marion Thorpe often fought with HMOs to provide patients with preventative treatments. He did so by convincing them that doing so was not only necessary for patients to remain healthy, but also that promoting healthy living and preventative treatments would save costs on far more expensive catastrophic and emergency treatments down the road.

Now, former Gov. Jeb Bush’s Chief Medical Officer and advisor on HMO reform is running for the United States Senate to fix what he describes as a “national disaster that will limit care for all and likely bankrupt the system.” The cornerstone of his philosophy: If we continue to wait for people to get sick be fore treating them, the system will soon run out of resources.

Thorpe also points out that at a time when leaders in both major parties are looking for ways to eliminate wasteful spending, promoting good health is key to both health care and economic recovery. “Quite simply,” says Thorpe, “people who maintain a healthy lifestyle and incorporate exercise into their daily lives help themselves by living longer and help the system by saving money on catastrophic treatment. I’d like to hear a wide range of innovative ideas, including the arguments for HMOs subsidizing gym memberships based on frequent use as a long term cost cutting method that helps the public.”

The Thorpe for Senate campaign started its listening tour last week in Crestview and is now in the process of meeting with hospital administrators and health care providers across the State. This week he’s touring Jacksonville and meeting with hospital administrators about ways to keep Medicare solvent without limiting quality of care.

Thorpe says that good health care is also essential to Florida’s economy. “So much of our state is reliant on retirees and on senior visitors. One main consideration of theirs is that there are good hospitals and the best in all other medical services. It’s our duty to ensure that such quality of care is maintained. But whether one wants to or not, Florida cannot escape the fact that good health care is essential to its economy.”

The campaign plans to speak with medical leaders in each of Florida’s 67 counties. He then plans to compile a policy book, something he anticipates completing be fore the end of the year. This policy book will serve as a comprehensive plan to revamp the health care system, a key aspect of the Thorpe campaign.

Marion Thorpe invites any medical care providers or any citizens concerned with the health care system to contact his campaign at (954) 302-8623 or to visit his Marion Thorpe for US Senate website.

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